Devil's Tear on Nusa Lembongan Island

photo: Pank Seelen
Devil's Tear is a unique natural fountain on the edge of rocky cliffs in the southwestern part of Lembongan.
photo: Srivathsa Rao U
The Devil's Tear is located near Dream Beach. It attracts the attention of tourists who want to see the powerful stream of water that penetrates into the cave and then spits out with a strong force and wild roar.
The water of the Devil's Tear is crystal clear, and sometimes you can see turtles swimming in the bay.
The Devil's Tear is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Near the edge of the cliffs, there are several pools of water that create magical reflections. Just what you need for creative and unforgettable photographs!
photo: Srivathsa Rao U
Do not attempt to explore the cliffs near the Devil's Tear barefoot. The rocks along the coastline are very sharp. It's better to wear at least flip-flops if you don't have reef shoes.
ATTENTION!!! DO NOT RISK when visiting this viewpoint. Do not stand close to the edge of the cliff. There have been several cases of serious injury and death of tourists here, as sudden waves knocked them off their feet and dragged them into the ocean. The waves at this location on the island can be very unpredictable. Please value your health and life. Do not risk them for striking photos.
photo: Jan Jerman
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