Delicious breakfast in Ubud

 Dharma Coffe and juice


Clear Cafe

Well-known organic cafe. Beautiful and atmospheric place in an eco-style. Breakfasts range from 40-60k. On the menu: sandwiches, omelets, oatmeal, smoothie bowls, and more. They have dishes for vegans and raw food enthusiasts. Special morning offer: for 56k, you can choose one dish + a drink. Options include shrimp omelet, tofu scramble, avocado toast. Taxes are not included.

Lazy Cats Cafe

A trendy cafe with a conceptual design and menu. The ambiance isn't conducive to work. Also, there are a few tables. Instagram-worthy breakfasts range from 40-60k, taxes not included. Every day from 8 to 10 in the morning, there's a promotion: breakfast and coffee for 75k.


Modern Australian brunches - priced from 50-95k. On the menu, they have pancakes, acai bowls, muesli, sandwiches. They are praised for their coffee and pizza. Taxes are not included. There's a menu for children.

Suka Espresso

A vibrant cafe in an Australian style. Their baristas brew signature Indonesian coffee. The menu features the best dishes from around the world. It's a popular place, so finding an available table isn't always easy. Breakfasts are priced from 55-84k. Taxes are not included. The menu includes pancakes, shakshuka, smoothie bowls. Coffee starts from 29k.


A minimalist vegan restaurant. Beautiful, trendy, atmospheric, and unique. The cuisine is a matter of personal taste, but they have some delicious items. Breakfast is available every day until 11:00 for 99k. There are three options to choose from: 1) fruit salad, yogurt, granola + a drink; 2) mini burger, cheesy hash brown, chocolate waffle + a drink; 3) vegetarian roll, banana bread, fruit yogurt + a drink. They also offer 65k smoothie bowls and brunch options.


A tropical cafe with both vegetarian and standard menus featuring organic ingredients. They serve breakfast every day from 7:00 to 11:30, offering a vast selection. The morning menu has over 30 items, ranging from pastries like croissants and banana bread for 25k to toast options (40-50k), smoothie bowls (47-85k), and various egg dishes (30-55k).

Watercress Cafe

An atmospheric cafe with excellent coffee. Breakfasts range from 45k for a fruit salad to 95k for a smoothie bowl. The menu also includes toast options (60-90k) and egg dishes (75-90k).
Melali Ubud


The Seeds of Life

A raw food cafe and tea bar with an extensive selection of healthy beverages and various types of tea. Morning yoga classes take place on the second floor. Healthy breakfasts range from 44k to 70k, taxes not included. The menu features only vegan and raw food dishes, with diverse gluten-free and nut-free options.


The most famous raw food restaurant in Bali and beyond. Although it's more suitable for lunch and dinner, missing it would be unforgivable even if you're not into raw food. For breakfast, you can try their famous smoothie bowls, fresh salad bar, raw mushroom pie, Italian bruschetta with crackers, or a BLT sandwich with coconut "meat" and lettuce instead of bread. The menu also includes vegan homemade desserts and ice cream. Prices for breakfast range from 70k to 120k.

Mudra Cafe

An organic cafe for gourmets. Cozy and popular, so you'll need to grab available seats. The menu is based on Ayurveda principles. They offer signature breakfasts priced between 60k and 95k, taxes not included. The menu includes vegan and gluten-free options. In beverages, they serve freshly brewed herbal teas and good coffee.

Dharma Coffee and Juice

A vegetarian/vegan restaurant with a plant-based, gluten-free menu. Cold-pressed juices for 39k. Classic breakfasts ranging from 55k to 69k are available all day. They offer a wide selection of smoothie bowls (59k) and avocado toasts (55-70).

Yellow Flower Café

An authentic spot on a quiet path with jungle views. Opens at 7 am. Breakfast is served all day. Choices include muesli (55k), rice pancakes (65k), shakshuka (65k), and more. They also have smoothie bowls and a Balinese breakfast with fried chicken.

Sayuri Healing Food

A restaurant with vegan and raw food dishes and desserts. Breakfast is available all day. Options include smoothie bowls (69k), superfood bowls (starting from 45k), raw burrito (69k), or vegan omelet (59k). This is a place where you can try coconut bacon or "salmon-style" papaya. Keep in mind that portions here are very generous. They also have a variety of healthy beverages.
Mudra Cafe


Usha Bakery

A café with a familiar homemade menu featuring Slavic dishes and signature cakes. Breakfast options range from 27 for simple pancakes to 70k for pancakes with salmon and cream cheese. They offer porridge and cottage cheese pancakes too. There's a separate children's menu. Taxes are not included.

Mamu Cafe

A cozy café and shisha lounge in the jungle. Their desserts are highly praised. Breakfast choices start at 45k for omelets with mushrooms and spinach and go up to 75k for toast with salmon and eggs. The menu also includes cottage cheese pancakes, quark, and buckwheat (for those who miss Russian cuisine). Coffee is priced at 20-30k. Taxes are not included.

ShamanaMama Restaurant

A children's café with a straightforward menu that includes cottage cheese pancakes (80k), porridge (48-52k), pancakes (45k), waffles (55-65k), and salads (62-65k). They have a small air-conditioned room, an open terrace outside, and a children's play area. You can also play board games. Taxes and fees are included in the prices.
Alchemy Bali


Blend Cafe Ubud

The most beautiful smoothie bowls on the island (58-96k). It's worth a visit, even just for a photo. Likes and comments like "What café is this?" are guaranteed. Their breakfast menu (from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM) also includes pancakes, omelets, and avocado toast.


Monsieur Spoon Ubud

A chain of French café-bakeries with locations in both Canggu and Ubud. They are known for their European menu with a wide selection of pastries and desserts. Delicious croissants (18k) and freshly baked bread. The garden setting is very cozy. Breakfast options range from 45-72k, taxes included.

Ubud Cinnamon

A coffee shop with a fitting name. Cinnamon rolls are priced at 35k each, or 2 for the mini version. On special occasions, with advance notice, they can make a giant cinnamon roll, for instance, instead of a birthday cake. They have a wide selection of coffee (from 25k) and tea (from 30k). Their bagels with salmon are highly praised. The interior is pleasant, and there are comfortable couches on the second floor. They also have a play area for children.

Kakiang Bakery

Pastries and desserts with a touch of local cuisine. Pancakes are priced at 42-48k, pancake cake at 35-38k, eclairs at 25k each, and red velvet cake at 32k. Their tiramisu (35k) is highly praised. The café is air-conditioned, and they offer good Wi-Fi.
Watercress Cafe


Seniman Coffee Studio

A retro-style coffee shop specializing in brewing Indonesian beans. They offer a variety of breakfast options (shakshuka, avocado toast, yogurt with granola) with prices ranging from 60k to 78k, taxes not included.


The motto of this establishment is "good coffee, delicious food." Breakfast options range from 62k for a fruit bowl to 85k for a large breakfast with eggs, mushrooms, bacon, avocado, hash browns, and toast. They also have a wide selection of desserts. Taxes are not included.

Anomali Coffee

A great option for early birds as they open at 7 AM. True coffee connoisseurs say that the coffee here is brewed just as well as at Starbucks but at a lower price. They serve breakfast all day. For 40k, you can get yogurt with granola, and for 78k, a croissant with eggs, salmon, and avocado. In their morning menu, you'll also find two types of avocado toast (50-60k), quesadillas, and burrata. Taxes are included.
Suka Espresso


Section 9

A charming cafe with a view of rice fields. They serve breakfast all day. Prices range from 35k for a smoothie bowl to 60k for a large breakfast with eggs, chicken sausage, bacon, mushrooms, and toast. Taxes are not included. Every day from 8 AM to 12 PM, they have a special: any breakfast and a hot coffee for 70k.

Melali Ubud

A stylish cafe located 5-7 minutes from the center of Ubud. They serve breakfast all day, with prices starting at 45k for pancakes and waffles and going up to 69k for a large breakfast with eggs and sausages. They also have a Russian menu with options like potato or mushroom pierogi for 48k, vegetarian borscht for 48k, and fish soup (ukha) for 55k. Taxes are not included.


An Italian restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have an air-conditioned dining room and an outdoor patio. They prepare fresh pasta that you can watch being made through glass windows. The owner claims that the dishes are prepared using traditional Italian grandmother's recipes passed down through generations. Breakfasts start at 49k. The menu includes bagels for 69k, avocado toast for 59k, and an Italian breakfast for 69k.

Odette Bali

A European-style cafe offering breakfasts ranging from 55k to 90k. The menu includes options like croissants with ham and cheese, a vegetarian bowl with mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes, and spinach. According to reviews, their Viennese waffles (75k) are a must-try. They also have a wide selection of desserts. Besides the indoor seating, there's a spacious green area and a children's zone.

The Suku Bali

A cozy place located away from the center. You can choose a table indoors or outdoors with a view of the garden. Breakfasts start at 55k for avocado toast and go up to 90k for an unusual breakfast with eggs, mushrooms, and truffles.


A small restaurant with Asian fusion cuisine known for its generous portions of rolls and bowls. They serve breakfast from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. You can get a mushroom toast for 55k, corn fritters with avocado for 55k, or a large vegan breakfast for 70k. Smoothie bowls are also available for 65k.

Mango Cafe

A beautiful cafe amidst rice terraces, about 10-15 minutes from the center of Ubud. They serve breakfast from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Their menu includes a smoothie bowl (75k), omelets (75k), oatmeal with chia seeds and caramelized banana (70k). They also offer avocado toast (75k) and a green bowl (65k). Taxes are not included.

Avocado Warung Ubud

A family-owned cafe serving creative dishes made with avocado, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options. The menu is small but very interesting. For example, they use avocado as a substitute for burger buns with sesame seeds and as toast bread. They also have avocado toast on sweet potatoes. Breakfasts are available all day, priced from 55k to 65k. The chefs use local produce to support Balinese farmers.
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