Delicious breakfasts in Sanur

Daily baguette

Probably the most popular cafe in Sanur. Opens at 6:30 am. The staff is very friendly, ready to quickly resolve any misunderstandings.
In the bakery, there's delicious French pastries and good breakfast options. A wide selection of eggs in croissants or bagels with various fillings, salads. I love ordering the tuna quiche, which comes with a small salad. It's better to book a table in advance, as around 8-9 am, it can be fully occupied, and an equal number of people are waiting for their takeaway orders. The tastiest matcha latte in Sanur.
Phone: +62 812-3772-9099

Sala bistro and Coffee

The cafe is suitable for both early and late breakfasts, opening at 7:30 am. Generous portions, tasty pastries, and a charming interior. They have excellent vegan options; for example, my personal recommendation is the 'Vegan Chili Scramble Tofu' toast and avocado toast.
Hummus with pita, falafel bowl, and Buddha bowl will suit those who prefer a hearty breakfast.
Classic items include egg variations and omelets with bacon or salmon, which can be paired with croissants or brioche, smoothie bowls for those who prefer lighter breakfasts.
For beverages, there are juices, smoothies, or coffee, which is also good.
Here, you can have not only a delicious but also a very visually appealing breakfast. The average cost of a dish is 70-80k.
Phone and location: +62 859-0134-0984

Tate Bistro

Tate Bistro is a new cafe in Sanur, located near Daily Baguette. It opens at 7:00 am. The menu offers a wide selection of breakfast and brunch items: granola with yogurt, smoothie bowls, Eggs Benedict, croissants, waffles, and pancakes.
From the bar menu, there are beautiful cocktails and mocktails.
For vegans, there's toast with mushrooms and a 'silk tofu omelet.'
Phone and location: +62 812-3756-7889

Oomba Beach House

A charming cafe by the ocean in Sanur. It opens at 7:00 am, allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee with a fantastic view of the ocean. The breakfast menu includes standard options like Eggs Benedict, scrambles, omelets, smoothie bowls, and sandwiches. An interesting choice is the breakfast burrito, which also features eggs. They have a great breakfast promo - coffee + croissant for 50k.
The average cost of a breakfast dish is 55k.
Phone and location: +62 858-5886-8478

Byrd House Bali

A beautiful restaurant and beach club by the ocean.
Breakfast time is from 6:30 to 11:00 am. The menu includes English breakfast, strawberry pancakes, toast with poached egg, avocado, and bacon, bagel with salmon, waffles, and a healthy option - chia pudding, as well as freshly baked goods and desserts from the pastry chef. They also serve very tasty fresh juices presented elegantly in mini-bottles.
Phone and location: +62 812-3866-7935

Akaya cafe

A small cafe in the center of Sanur that opens at 7:00. It has a good menu and tasty coffee for breakfast, including a bagel with egg and bacon, pancakes, muesli with yogurt, Italian panini with mozzarella or ham, Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce, and the most delicious avocado toast with feta in Sanur!
The average cost of a dish is 65k.
Phone and location: +62 361 4493222

Bread Basket Bakery - Sanur Bali

Another good bakery-cafe in Sanur. The cafe opens at 7:00, and you can order breakfast throughout the day. You can choose the ingredients for your sandwich, order waffles, bagels, or croissants, adding bacon or salmon, as well as Eggs Benedict and omelets.
For vegans, there are rolls with tempeh/falafel wrapped in lavash and a falafel bowl. You can also buy fresh bread and croissants to go.
Phone and location: +62 361 282339

Anomali Coffee Sanur

A chain coffee shop that recently opened in Sanur. They open at 7:00. Here, you can enjoy delicious coffee from Kintamani and strong matcha lattes.
For breakfast, served throughout the day, they offer Eggs Benedict in a croissant with salmon, avocado toast, oatmeal with almond milk and berries, quesadillas, omelets, French toast, and smoothie bowls. The average cost of a dish in the cafe is 60k.

Genius cafe

A modern beach cafe that opens at 7:00.
For breakfast, they offer a large burrito, vegan tofu omelet, and protein smoothies. The cafe has co-working spaces with fans, amazing almond milk gelato, and delicious pizza. Prices are above average for a beach cafe, with an estimated cost of a dish being 80k.
In the evening, there's a promotion: buy 1 drink, get 1 free from 17:00 to 19:00.
Phone and location: +62 877-0047-7788

Ñelayan Bali

A beach cafe that opens at 7:00 in the morning. They have an excellent avocado toast (you can add poached eggs), arugula, and cherry tomatoes on whole grain bread. The menu includes good pancakes with berries, English muffins with eggs and bacon.
I like their Japanese hummus made from edamame beans. There's an option to customize your own breakfast. Unfortunately, they don't offer alternative milk for coffee.
Phone and location: +62 811-3983-272

Ritual kopi - SANUR

Open from 7:30 in the morning. A coffee shop with the standard Sanur breakfast options: croissants, bagels, avocado toast, and pancakes. The coffee is decent, but the matcha latte is not pure; it has sugar.
Phone and location: +62 821-4735-4668

Goddes Bakery

Opens at 7:00 in the morning. Here, you can have coffee and order a classic egg breakfast: omelets, gratin with meat, smoothie bowls.
Medium-level coffee. Approximate cost of dishes 65k.
Phone and location: +62 361 288223

Over the Moon Cafe

The cafe opens at 8:30 in the morning and offers breakfast until 3:00 PM. You can find a very nutritious chia pudding here (a rarity for Sanur), a hearty English breakfast with bacon, bagels with salmon, eggs Benedict, smoothie bowls, French toast/avocado toast, and more. The average cost of a dish is 70k. I recommend trying the matcha latte here and staying to work. Good Wi-Fi and a minimalist interior. 
Phone: +62 822-2551-1012

Warung bellissimo

A decent warung cafe with European cuisine. Opens daily at 8:00 AM. Great promo from Monday to Wednesday: a buffet breakfast for 30k per person. The menu includes waffles, pancakes, sausages, salad, eggs, sliced vegetables, and a few fruits. You can also order waffles, a large English breakfast for 45k (including a drink), or pancakes from the menu. Prices are very reasonable, starting from 30k per dish. 
Phone: +62 877-5870-9192

Braya kitchen

Indonesian cafe with a cool interior. There is an outdoor area and a second-floor area with air conditioning. Opens at 8:00 AM. They offer bagel with scrambled eggs, American breakfast, croissant with cheese, and croissant sandwich. There are no vegan options or alternative milk. Prices are reasonable. PROMO: Free croissant with the purchase of coffee. 
Phone: +62 821-4648-0577
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