Coin laundry in Bali. Self-services laundries.

Throughout the island of Bali, there is a huge number of laundries. Due to the peculiarities of the local climate (it's very humid and hot here), clothes need to be washed frequently, and they take quite a while to dry.
In most rented houses, washing machines are not available, so people often have to use laundry services. These services wash, dry, and iron your clothes. Some even have tailoring workshops for clothing repairs. However, laundries don't always perform well in their main task. Sometimes, clothes are ruined after unsuccessful washing, and occasionally items even get lost. That's why those who value their wardrobe often prefer self-service stations, known as Coin Laundry. This way, their personal items are under their own supervision.
Usually, the entire process can be broken down into a few steps: you have to load the clothes into the drum, add detergent and fabric softener, close it, make the payment, press start, and wait for about an hour. On the island, we found such self-service laundries, although there aren't many of them.
Using self-service laundromats in Bali has its own features:
Before using a self-service laundromat, it's important to familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid any unpleasant situations. Some laundromats may prohibit washing carpets, mats, and lace clothing. Overloading the machine should also be avoided, as it can lead to unsatisfactory washing results.
It's better to choose laundromats that have positive customer reviews. Pay attention to the cleanliness level, service quality, and the availability of washing supplies such as detergent and conditioner.
Before visiting a laundromat, assess the amount of laundry you need to wash. This will help you choose the appropriate washing machine capacity and avoid overpaying for unnecessary space.
In most self-service laundromats in Bali, payment is made in cash or with a bank card. It's advisable to have small denominations of money, as not all laundromats may provide change.
The washing and drying time can vary depending on the laundromat and the weight of the laundry. In most self-service laundromats in Bali, washing and drying take around 30-40 minutes.
To avoid stains on your clothes, sort items by color and fabric type before washing. Also, pay attention to the type of laundry detergent, choosing one that matches the fabric type. For more effective drying, you can use conditioner to soften the fabric.
Prices at self-service laundromats in Bali can vary depending on the location and service level. On average, the cost of washing starts from 20,000 IDR, and the cost of drying starts from 20,000 IDR. Some self-service laundromats also offer ironing services, with prices starting from 10,000 IDR per clothing item, or they provide detergent as a separate service for 2,000 IDR.


The Laundry House Ungasan

WhatsApp: +628873596958
Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 19:00
An excellent self-service laundry. A wide selection of modern and quality machines is available here. You can wash and dry your clothes either by yourself or leave them to the staff. They handle your clothes carefully, iron them, and even offer delivery to your address. There's a comfortable waiting room. In about an hour and a half, you can receive perfectly washed and dried clothes. The cost of washing includes laundry detergent and conditioner. However, you can also bring your own supplies.
Self-service: washing and drying: 40,000 Indonesian Rupiah for 6 kg Full-service by laundry staff: washing, drying, ironing: 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah for 5 kg For each additional kg, an extra 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah is charged. Delivery of items within Bukit area is free. The laundry has good reviews on Google Maps, with an average rating of 4.5.

Wash it Laundry Jimbaran

WhatsApp: +6281287676066
Opening hours: daily from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM  
In this laundromat, you can personally wash clothes, bed linen, small blankets, throws, furniture covers, pillows, and more. The total washing and drying time is about 65 minutes. If you don't have the time to wait, you can load your items into the drum and leave while it's being done. After washing, the staff will take out the clothes, and you only need to pick them up or use their delivery services. Alternatively, you can leave your items in the laundromat, and the staff will handle everything for you – washing, drying, and ironing.
Self-service: washing and drying: 35,000 IDR for 3 kg, 50,000 IDR for 5 kg, 85,000 IDR for 10 kg, 150,000 IDR for 18 kg. Staff-assisted service: washing and drying: 45,000 IDR for 3 kg, 65,000 IDR for 5 kg, 100,000 IDR for 10 kg, 170,000 IDR for 18 kg. Express wash (your items will be washed and dried within 4-5 hours): 60,000 IDR for 3 kg, 85,000 IDR for 5 kg, 150,000 IDR for 10 kg, 250,000 IDR for 18 kg. Ironing is charged separately at 6,000 IDR per kilogram. Washing powder and fabric softener are included in the price. Free delivery within Bukit for up to 5 kg of laundry, beyond that weight – 15,000 IDR.
The laundromat has decent reviews on Google Maps, although there are some negative comments. Some customers share stories of their clothing being irreparably damaged or torn. The average rating is 4.7.

Gold Coin Laundry

WhatsApp: +6281934364838
Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 22:00  
The laundry service takes care of various types of fabrics, leather, carpets, mattresses, curtains, and more. If you need your item processed urgently, you can request express cleaning here. If you have some free time, you can drop off your items, load them into the drum, and pick up your clean laundry in about an hour. You can bring your own laundry supplies or purchase detergent and conditioner on-site.
Self-service: washing and drying: 55,000 Indonesian Rupiahs for 5 kg. Assisted service by staff: washing and drying: 55,000 Indonesian Rupiahs for 5 kg. Washing, drying, and folding: 65,000 Indonesian Rupiahs for 5 kg. Washing, drying, and ironing: 75,000 Indonesian Rupiahs for 5 kg. For each additional kilogram over 5 kg, there's an extra charge of 10,000 Indonesian Rupiahs. There's no delivery service, so you need to bring and collect your items yourself.
Items are washed using concentrated soap; if you prefer detergent with conditioner, you need to pay an additional 3,000 Indonesian Rupiahs.
Regular customers who have been using the dry-cleaning service for years often leave reviews about it. Attentive staff members accept items and recommend the optimal cleaning method. Complaints about damaged items, as with any dry-cleaning service, are infrequent. The average rating on Google Maps is 4.8.


Swastee eco laundry

Working hours: Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM, Sat-Sun 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM.
In Ubud, there is a single place where you can do your laundry yourself. The laundromat is located three minutes' walk from the Bintang supermarket, on Campuan Street. There are some pleasant cafes nearby where you can wait while your laundry is being done. Inside the laundromat, there are tables and Wi-Fi available.
They offer two ways of washing: you can either leave your clothes with the staff, or you can do it yourself - they provide you with a machine and the necessary supplies. They do not offer ironing or fragrance spraying services. The "eco" option implies washing with natural hypoallergenic detergent, but you can bring your own if you prefer.
You can choose any washing program you like. English-speaking staff members will assist you.
Delivery service is not available here.
Prices for self-service washing: 1-5 kg – 30,000 IDR; 6-10 kg – 55,000 IDR.
Drying: 1-5 kg – 25,000 IDR; 6-10 kg – 45,000 IDR.
Prices for washing items left with the staff: 1-5 kg – 35,000 IDR; 6-10 kg – 60,000 IDR.
Drying and folding: 1-5 kg – 30,000 IDR; 6-10 kg – 55,000 IDR.


In the Sanur area, there is only one laundry that recently opened. For other laundries, you'll need to travel about 15 minutes to Renon or consider arranging for delivery.

Sunrise Coin Laundry

This is a new laundry located in the heart of the tourist area of Sanur, which has already gained recognition among tourists and expatriates.
The washing machines are clean and fresh. Here, you can either do your laundry yourself or use the services of the laundry. The owner is a very pleasant woman with good English. You can use your own detergent and conditioner or use the ones provided by the laundry.
The cost is 50k for self-service. The price is indicated for a volume of clothing from 3 to 5 kg. The standard cleaning time is 30 minutes, plus 45 minutes of drying at an average temperature.
Inside, there are chairs, tables, and a refrigerator with refreshments for sale for your convenience while waiting. And don't forget, just 100 meters away is one of the tastiest spots in Sanur with great coffee/matcha and delicious French pastries - Daily Baguette Sanur.
Phone: +62 813-3896-9084

Wash It Laundry Renon

The self-service laundry is located in the Renon area, just a 12-minute drive from Sanur. Modern equipment, clean space, there is a seating area in the hall, and a coffee shop on the second floor for comfortable waiting while your laundry is being done.
The coffee shop, by the way, is quite good: Kohvi Bali. Stylish interior and specialty coffee. The prices at the laundry are affordable, starting from 35k. You can bring in clothes weighing from 3 kg to 18 kg. There's also an option for washing in warm water and delivery, as almost all laundries in Bali (and washing machines in general) wash clothes in cold water. That's why stains might not come off easily.
Phone: +62 821-4430-0606

Ion coin laundry - Tukad Musi

This self-service laundry is located 12 minutes from Sanur towards Denpasar, in the Renon area.
Great reviews on Google Maps, very friendly staff, and new washing machines. The cost of washing and drying 3 kg of laundry is 30,000 IDR (15,000 IDR on promotion), with ironing included it's 35,000 IDR (18,000 IDR on promotion). For an additional 20,000 IDR, you can choose the express laundry option (up to 6 hours), ironing is an extra 8,000 IDR, and fabric conditioner is an additional 2,000 IDR. There's also a free option to drop off your laundry without visiting the laundromat by calling the provided phone number. Additionally, they offer the convenience of delivering clean clothes to your home upon arrangement.
Instagram (Note: Instagram is managed in Indonesian)
Phone: +62 851-7307-7551

Cangu, Seminyak

CityCoin Laundromat

Operating Hours: 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
WhatsApp: +62 821-1319-6569
CityCoin Laundromat is a self-service laundry with a comfortable space for work or relaxation. The laundry has a cafe offering a wide range of hot and cold drinks and snacks, as well as free Wi-Fi.
Usage Terms:
  • Up to 6 kg: 20,000 IDR for washing and drying.
  • Up to 12 kg: 35,000 IDR for washing and drying.
  • Each washing cycle takes about 30 minutes, and the drying cycle takes 40 minutes.
  • Detergent can be purchased for 2,000 IDR.
  • Accumulative card system.
  • Ironing service not available.
Reviews: Google Maps Rating: 4.6 (174 reviews) "For us, this is the best place to do laundry. We wash ourselves, wait for washing and drying - it takes an hour to an hour and twenty minutes. There's a cafe, Wi-Fi, and a restroom. Cool accumulative card system linked to the phone number. Today we paid 41,000 IDR for two bags of clothes. Friendly staff, always ready to advise and help. Highly recommended." "We've washed clothes here many times - both dropped off for laundry and done it ourselves. Convenient space to work and grab a coffee, card payment, everything is great. But! They ruin white clothes. Rust stains appear that weren't there before. After such washing, clothes have to be thrown away. The staff doesn't admit mistakes: they say it's not their fault. Once, I could have thought it was a coincidence, but it happened twice to us and twice to our friends."

Big coin laundry

Working hours: daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
WhatsApp: +62 813 5300 6581  
Usage terms:
  • Up to 5 kg: 25,000 IDR for washing,
  • Up to 5 kg: 25,000 IDR for drying,
  • 6 kg: 50,000 IDR for washing and drying,
  • Washing takes 30 minutes, drying takes 55 minutes,
  • Ironing clothes: 2000 - 5000 IDR depending on the size.
Reviews: Google Maps rating: 4.5 (60 reviews) "The staff is very friendly and helpful, the washing machines are of good quality. I always enjoy doing laundry when I'm in the Changgu area." "Machine quality, service, top quality."

Laundry Love-Perenan

Working hours: Daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
WhatsApp: +62 858 888 818 033
Usage conditions:
  • 5 kg: 35,000 IDR for washing and drying
  • Washing takes 30 minutes, drying takes 40 minutes
  • Detergent is included in the price
  • Ironing service not available
Reviews: Google Maps rating: 4.4 (54 reviews) "Discover this charming black-and-white laundromat highly recommended for washing on Bali."

Tropical laundry - laundromat

Operating hours: Daily, except Sunday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
WhatsApp: +62 81256349347
Tropical Laundry - a self-service laundromat with good reviews in Canggu. This place provides sofas for waiting and resting. Although often, the staff can assist in transferring clothes from washing to drying. There is also an affordable cafe located near Tropical Laundry - laundromat.
Usage conditions:
  • Washing: 20,000 IDR
  • Drying: 20,000 IDR
  • Washing and drying take 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Detergent is included in the price
  • Ironing service not available
Reviews: Google Maps rating: 4.8 (74 reviews) "If you only try to use dry cleaning services rarely and prefer to wash your clothes yourself, this is the perfect option. Everything is clean, fast, and the staff is always willing to help. Stains didn't come out, but I guess that's just the nature of Balinese stains. I give a solid five stars!" "A popular self-service laundromat. Detergent included in the price. Friendly staff, there are sofas, fans, and an affordable cafe nearby." "The best self-service laundromat."  
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