Climbing the Abang Mountain

One of the most mysterious peaks on the island of Bali is Mount Abang, located on the southeast wall of the caldera near Batur and once part of the volcano, it is also the third highest (2,151m) on the island.
The trail to the summit passes through a picturesque forest with many ancient trees, and in the sunrise sun among the clouds, you can feel like a guest of a mysterious fairy tale, hovering over the magical island.
In addition to the breathtaking sunrise at the top of Mount Abang, tourists will find broken gates and several altars of an ancient temple, destroyed in the distant 1926 by landslides after the eruption of Mount Batur.
Climbing does not require special physical training, hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the picturesque route through the jungle and misty haze. In addition, Mount Abang is not too popular among tourists, and therefore even more attractive with its ringing silence and stunning nature.
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