Cliff Jumping at Mahana Point, Nusa Ceningan Island

Mahana Point cliff-jumping spot is a magnet for thrill-seekers from all corners of the globe. Suspended over rugged cliffs, the 13-meter platform promises an adrenaline-pumping experience.
Getting to Nusa Ceningan Island from Bali
Nusa Ceningan is easily accessible from Bali, so even if you only have a day to spare, you'll still have plenty of time to enjoy a few jumps.
To access Nusa Ceningan from Bali, board speedboats departing from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan Island. From there, you can reach Nusa Ceningan by crossing a yellow suspension bridge that connects the two islands.
If you're planning to stay overnight, you'll find numerous accommodation options, although most of them are located on Nusa Lembongan. There's a range of choices available, including luxury accommodations and budget-friendly guesthouses, catering to travellers of all budgets.
Getting to Mahana Point
Located on the southwest tip of Nusa Ceningan Island, near the renowned Blue Lagoon, Mahana Point is hard to miss.
Upon arrival at Mahana Beach, make your way to the entrance of a cliffside restaurant. Inside, you'll discover the cliff-jumping platform. Visitors can take the leap for a fee of 50,000 IDR. While some may find this cost pricey, a large proportion of the fee goes towards maintaining the platform.
Amenities at Mahana Point
The cliffside restaurant provides a satisfactory range of food and beverages, along with attentive service.
Thrills at Mahana Point
In addition to the main platform, there is also a smaller platform positioned five meters above sea level, perfect for warming up before taking on the 13-meter leap from the main platform.
Mahana Point is also a popular surf spot, with optimal surfing conditions during high tide. The left reef break offers waves of varying sizes, usually ranging from medium to large. Surfboards can be rented from the restaurant for 60,000 IDR for 2 hours.
Safety Tips and Recommendations
The depth of the jump from the highest platform ranges from 3 to 4 meters, making it unlikely for jumpers to reach the bottom. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to jump after a set of waves crashes against the rocks and during high tide.
Returning to Shore
After you've taken the leap, swim back to Mahana Beach. There, you'll find a steel ladder to help you climb out of the water. In case of strong currents, a buoy attached to a rope will be provided to assist you in getting back to shore.
Ultimately, Mahana Point stands as a must-visit destination on Ceningan Island. Offering experiences like cliff jumping, surfing, swimming, and relaxation at Mahana Beach, it crafts the perfect itinerary for your trip to Nusa Ceningan Island.
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