Cleaning Companies in Bali

Whether you are relaxing or working in Bali, in both cases, house cleaning is not something you want to engage in regularly. In Bali, it's different, as our eternal enemy, mold, never sleeps. There are two options left: either hire a local housekeeper or turn to the services of a cleaning company.
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If you are fortunate enough to have a competent housekeeper who not only smears dust in visible places but genuinely keeps the house clean, we recommend sticking with her and seeking help from cleaning companies for thorough cleaning every two weeks or a month. If finding a good cleaner is still a challenging task for you, you can directly turn to a cleaning service. In Bali, for the most part, they do provide quality, professional home cleaning services. The difference 'before' and 'after' is always evident.

What are the advantages of cleaning services?

Firstly, qualified cleaners can identify the most hard-to-reach rooms and hidden corners, ensuring a deep and thorough cleaning of your villa. It's not just about wiping the floors and surfaces with a wet cloth. Secondly, cleaning companies always offer additional services of your choice. This includes the use of anti-allergenic and eco-friendly cleaning agents, mold treatment, cleaning of soft furniture and carpets, laundry, refrigerator cleaning, etc. Thirdly, stress-free. If you hire a cleaning company, you won't have to worry about cleaning the villa yourself. You won't have to follow the housekeeper around and point out the places she missed. You won't have to check the quality of cleaning and, which is also not uncommon, fix 'mistakes' after tidying up.

What services do cleaning companies offer?

Cleaning companies offer two types of cleaning.
1. Regular or routine cleaning, usually done two to three times a week. This includes dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, taking out the trash, bathroom cleaning, changing bed linen.
2. General or thorough cleaning. Thorough cleaning is a more specific type. It is intended to remove dirt and other stubborn stains that regular cleaning cannot eliminate. It is carried out less frequently than routine cleaning, usually once every two weeks or monthly.
Most cleaning companies also offer additional services, such as lawn mowing, pool cleaning, deep cleaning of furniture and mattresses."

Cost of Services

The full-day work of a housemaid costs approximately 2.5-4.5 million rupiahs per month, depending on the residential area and the employer's generosity. A part-time housemaid typically charges around 45,000 rupiahs per hour. Pool maintenance workers cost approximately 60,000 rupiahs per hour, while the cost of a gardener is around 40,000 rupiahs per hour.
Regular services provided by cleaning companies can range from 50,000 to 150,000 rupiahs per hour on average. However, the cost may vary based on property size, the type of cleaning required, and the company's reputation. Some organizations offer fixed prices for whole-house cleaning instead of hourly rates.
Professional cleaning in Bali usually comes at a higher price than regular home cleaning, as it may involve thorough cleaning, the use of specialized equipment, or services such as carpet cleaning and post-construction/building cleaning. The price can range from 200,000 to 500,000 rupiahs per hour or more, depending on the complexity of the job.

Cleaning Companies

Jasa Cleaning Service Bali

WhatsApp: +62 81288332291
The company offers regular and general cleaning services, office cleaning, and specializes in move-in/move-out cleaning. You can also book services for a gardener and pool cleaning. The cost starts from 195 thousand rupiahs for two hours for a house and from 210 for a villa for general cleaning, and 275 and 290, respectively, for deep cleaning.

Labali Cleaning Service

WhatsApp: +62 878 6193 7805
Labali Cleaning Service in Denpasar provides professional cleaning services, including regular cleaning, kitchen and bathroom treatment, grass and lawn trimming, garden maintenance, carpet and sofa cleaning, and even termite control and mosquito disinfection services. The company uses special steam cleaning equipment, which is not available in all cleaning companies in Bali. You can also book car interior cleaning with them.

ProWash Bali

WhatsApp: +62821445761
Pro Wash Bali, a specialized exterior cleaning service, focuses on high-pressure hydro cleaning. Their cleaning method is precise and effective: they thoroughly remove moss, mold, oil, rust, and dirt from walls, tiles, and even statues. It's the best solution for refreshing your home or property without the need for a full-scale renovation!

Eco Cleaning Bali (Mitra Clean Bali)

WhatsApp +6281338555183
Eco Cleaning Bali offers environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. They provide gentle, safe, and natural cleaning agents suitable for homes, villas, hotels, offices, and schools. Paying special attention to details, even your beams and corners will sparkle after Mitra Clean's cleaning. They can also conduct workshops and recommend the necessary products, which you can purchase from them.

Cuci Kasur Bali (Tidy Up)

WhatsApp +6281805688910
Cuci Kasur Bali stands out on Bali by offering fast and practical cleaning services for mattresses, sofas, carpets, and curtains. Using the advanced Hydro Vacuum tool, this service ensures a thorough dry cleaning process, allowing mattresses to be ready for immediate use after vacuuming. The cleaning effectively fights dust mites and allergens, making it an ideal solution for people with dust allergies, infants, expectant mothers, or those with sensitive skin.

Detail Cleaning Service

WhatsApp:  +6281238133444
Detail Cleaning Service has been in the cleaning industry since 2000, indicating its extensive experience. The company now specializes in cleaning and preparing hotels, restaurants, ships, and yachts for opening, as well as providing training. They have their own training center, allowing you to arrange workshops for your employees. The main feature of Detail Cleaning is, as the name suggests, meticulous cleaning. Attention to detail is their forte.

Rumah Kita Cleaning Service

WhatsApp  +6285792813185
Rumah Kita offers thorough cleaning and competent, friendly staff. The company provides regular and general cleaning services, weed removal and lawn trimming, pool cleaning, and aquarium maintenance. They primarily work with regular clients, and cleaning prices may vary depending on the residential area.
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