Chocolate Factory in Bali

The Chocolate Factory on Charlie
If you go to the east of the island, be sure to visit a small chocolate factory near Chandidasa. A fabulous and very beautiful place!
Located here, on Google Maps here.
In general, this is not the kind of factory we might imagine. It is a small area in the jungle on the ocean shore,with several unusual bamboo houses where chocolate and incredibly fragrant soap are made.
Visiting there, you will feel like in a movie about Willy Wonka :) especially since the owner of this place is also named Charlie! What a coincidence, right?
At this factory, of course, you can try and buy chocolate! In addition to chocolate, there is also honey and coconut syrup. And everything is so delicious that you definitely won't leave without a purchase! :)
You can also order hot chocolate, drink it, and swing on the swings!
One more photo:
Pod Chocolate Factory
I will make a small report after visiting the Pod factory, which is 19 kilometers north of Ubud.
The factory gave the impression of a very peaceful and quiet place, there are few people there, almost no tourists.
It is located in the forest.
There are elephant rides there, but unfortunately not for free. The cost of one elephant ride for 30 minutes is 85 dollars (however, the local administrator immediately, seeing our upset after the price, discounted the price to 70 dollars).
And it costs 21 dollars to take a picture together with the elephant, plus this price includes a chocolate drink ;)
The process of making chocolate is really visible behind the glass. You can see what is added and when, how it is mixed, how it is then poured into the mold. Interesting.
There you can also taste chocolate produced by the Pod factory for free. You can taste 4 kinds of chocolate: white, milk, black and extra-black. In front of the bowl with pieces for tasting are jars, which proportionally shows how much of what is in the chocolate: milk, sugar, beans. Pretty cool idea how to visualize the composition).
In total, the factory produces more than 20 flavors of chocolate. Among them are chocolate with chili pepper, cinnamon, clove and banana chips, gojiberry, mint, roselle flowers, sea salt, cranberry and many others.
Right in front of the cafe, where you can taste chocolate and then buy it, there is an aviary with a honey bear and a little farther away a large cage with birds. It also adds to the atmosphere.
When you buy something in the cafe to drink, I do not recommend to take Classic hot chocolate, because by sensation - it is the most ordinary cocoa, not very different from it. The cost is 42k rupees.
I liked the chocolate on a stick with milk. It is a whole piece of chocolate on a stick, looks like ice cream, served with a cup of hot milk, where you need to dip the chocolate and thus eat it. And then drink the milk afterwards. The cost is also Rs. 42k.
The place is open from 9 am to 4 pm.
Admission is Rs. 95,000. Chocolate making class - Rs 100,000. Factory tour - Rs 250,000.
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