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Dear readers! Remember that the price of accommodation when booking depends on seasonal fluctuations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, your personal discounts in booking systems and many other factors.
If you are going to look for a long term stay at a guesthouse, it makes sense to book a room in it for a couple of days, stay, experience the pros and cons and ask the owner for a discount for a long term stay. If you talk directly to the owner of the guesthouse, there is a chance to get a discount in the neighborhood of 10-40% of the amount received by simply multiplying the cost of a day's stay by 30.
If you get any new information on the gesthouses mentioned in this piece or any other good deals, please share your discoveries.
There are so many guesthouses in Ubud! The streets are literally filled with them (Jalan Suweta, Jalan Arjuna, jalan Sriwedari, and a small street parallel to Jalan Monkey Forest). Here are some tried and tested ones:
Pangkung Sari 9.3  
(850 m from the center)
Pros: If you want soulfulness and a real home, this gesta is definitely for you. The lovely hostess Ketut, her family and pets create this special atmosphere. Each room has private access to the garden, terrace, private bathroom. There is a shared small kitchen and fridge, which is also very convenient for travelers. The location is away from the noisy part of town, on a cozy quiet Balinese street. It's about 5 minutes by bike to the center.
Cons: It's a bit difficult without air conditioning and the location is such that you can only get there by cab or bike.
Pros: Could be ideal as a starting point for a longer term accommodation search. The gesta is quite quiet both day and night. Didn't find out the monthly cost, but I'm sure it's possible to bargain for a very favorable price. The rooms are clean, spacious and bright. Shower, toilet in each room. Small terrace at the entrance to each room. Freshly renovated. Tea and pancakes for breakfast are included in the price. Thermoses of hot water free, on request at any time from morning until evening. WiFi is mediocre - not for watching videos online, but for all simple tasks is more than enough. Excellent hosts, very nice Balinese family. Always willing to help and advise. Have been persuaded to stay for a long time. It is possible to rent a bike.
Kenari House 9.1  
(750 m from the center)
Pros: Beautiful location. Quiet beautiful outskirts of a busy neighborhood. Wonderful grounds of the guesthouse. Easy to navigate at the highway exit. Covered terrace on the third floor overlooking the rice fields. Delicious breakfast with fresh fruit. There is hot water in the room all the time. Bathtub! Laundry.
Cons: Noise from the pump.
Sedana Jaya 9.4  
(At center).
Pros: Very clean, hot water, away from the road. Breakfast is included and it's quite nutritious. Excellent shower room.
Cons: At night, roosters crow and the patio can be slippery.
(At center)
Pros: Great breakfast like the best chefs in Ubud, very clean, large spacious room, fresh linen and the best hostess who is always open to any questions. Great room: spacious and clean, hot water. Breakfast is very good! The wi-fi works without interruptions!
Cons: There's no shampoo in the bathroom.
(5 km from the center)
Pros: The territory is very beautiful, well-groomed, good clean pool, as well as there is a cafe, where local guys cook breakfasts for guests and for extra charge a few more dishes. cheerful, sociable, always ready to help.the owner of the house kindest soul man. clean, always a pleasant smell, towels and linen white and again with a very pleasant smell.take away to wash here even blankets, Atmosphere on the territory is also amazing, the feeling as if you are at your grandmother in the village, only for many thousands of kilometers from home. The food is delicious. Always available refrigerator with cold water, cola, beer) Rooms are very nice, everything is very clean. The territory is also clean. Very nice pool, lots of flowering trees and other vegetation.
Cons: It is far from the center of Ubud - 15-20 minutes by car.
For a room for two people for 2 nights with breakfast, we paid 34$. Everything is very clean, fresh and cozy. I even felt like it was brand new. Powerful fan, wi-fi (iPhones are not immediately connected, but for me it was not crucial, there is always 3G on the phone), very nice courtyard
Separately I want to tell about breakfasts. For the first time in such an inexpensive gesta I was delighted with them. Everyone can choose 3 positions: juice (very tasty) or fruit salad (huge portion), main course; I did not photograph the menu, but there is a lot to choose from. We settled for poached eggs on toast (very tasty), tea or coffee (even Bali coffee is available). The owners of the hotel are a nice family. The kids speak English, so you can contact them not only about accommodation, but also if you need advice about attractions. This is how we found out where and when the Kechak dance takes place on Sunday.
Pratama house 9.6  
(At center)
Pros: great little apartments with a terrace. Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Delicious (better than in the most famous warungs) breakfast, cheap menu for lunch and dinner, clean. You live like in a museum. Lovely family who make it feel clean and cozy. Nice place, with a small temple in the courtyard and close to the center.
Cons: Poor internet connection
Pancer House 9.5  
(At center)
Pros: Rooms are cozy and spacious.Cleaned every day, very friendly hosts.
(At center)
Pros: The owner is a very nice person. Personally makes breakfast. The room is spacious - 25 square meters.
Umayuri Inn 9.6  
(At center)
Pros: Very clean, neat, beautiful. This is the perfect room, delicious breakfast, excellent service and staff.
Cons: Lack of air conditioning, but no one promised it and without it there everything is fine, the fan is enough. The road to the hotel is broken, it is not very easy to get there by bike.
Sudiana House 9.5  
(At center)
Pros: Excellent value for money! Large, comfortable Bed, good location - everything is in walking distance, which is very convenient if you are without transportation. Great breakfasts: delicious banana pancakes, large plate of fresh fruit and coffee/tea.
Cons: The fan is right above the bed and it is not very comfortable to sleep when it blows on you, even though we set it on the minimum speed. And if you turn it off, it's stuffy.
(3 km. from the center)
The place is excellent, especially for a long stay. The house is new, with new furniture and good repair, four rooms, two on the first floor and two on the first floor (each with a private kitchen). We rented a room for 4.3 million a month (long haggled) initially the price of 4.5-5 million, the price includes electricity, water, cleaning. We did not discuss how often cleaning and drinking water with the owner. In the end, cleaning once a week (for us was a little too little) and water 19L bought themselves for 20 thousand right by the road 50 meters from the house (on the path on the bike to bring difficult). From the second floor, where we lived we have a wonderful view of the rice terraces + in the mornings a great view of the sunrise, the sun rises right in front!
From the first floor this view is not, interferes with the fence. On the grounds itself there is a Yoga house and the owner gives classes.
There is a parking lot for bikes, you can't drive up to the house itself. The internet worked pretty well,
speedcheck gave 20-30mb download, 2-4 upload, ping up to 100, you can watch movies without delay almost at all times.
Pros: very quiet place in the village, everything is new, normal internet, there are 2 desks for work, closet, huge bed, big balcony, kitchen (there is a fridge, stove, sink, water tank) and a great view. The only minus is the narrow road that leads to the house. Many people are afraid to drive on it. The house is not right by the road to it you have to drive on a narrow path, which in addition with constant potholes and easily eroded during the rain. It was fine for me personally, but my girlfriend was under a lot of stress every time I went there
Gerke Studios 9.3  
Pros: there is a swimming pool, shared kitchen
5,000,0000 - Rs. per month
Nami House 9.1  
Pros: Cozy. Quiet. Small pool.
Also asking 5 million, no haggling
About 10 lodges in a quiet garden in the heart of Ubud, next to Ubud Palace. Some lodges (not all!) have a balcony over the gorge.
No kitchen. A fridge and kettle were brought on request. Breakfast is tasty, the menu can be agreed with the cook. Cleaning every day. House with air conditioning costs 6 million a month (you can try to bargain). Houses are different inside, look and choose on the spot what will suit you
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