Cheap Guesthouses in Sanur

The description of Sanur

Dear readers! Remember that the price of accommodation when booking depends on seasonal fluctuations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, your personal discounts in booking systems and many other factors.
If you are going to look for accommodation in a gesta for a long term, it makes sense to book a room in it for a couple of days, live there, experience the pros and cons and ask the owner for a discount for a long term stay. If you talk directly to the owner of the gesta, there is a chance to get a discount in the neighborhood of 10-40% of the amount received by simply multiplying the cost of a day's stay by 30.
If you have any new information on the gestas mentioned in this article or any other good deals, please share your findings.
Pros: Good breakfast, normal bed, normal internet connection
Cons: Very noisy, the rooms are small and are next to a small alley on the very turn, on this alley from 6 am to 1 am lively very busy motorcycle traffic and before the turn they all slow down and necessarily signal, so that quietly sleep will not work. The hotel is only for very greedy and thrifty and who has a strong and iron sleep and who cannon not wake up. Not very clean and smelly towels that still need to go and ask to change, soap and toilet paper save and give not every day. There is no blanket on the bed, only one sheet. There is no access to the hotel for cars, only for motorcycles.
Umah Bagus 9.2  
Pros: Everything's great. First of all the staff. The owner is a woman will help, tips, will take you by the hand, etc. There is a kitchen, all appliances. Great air conditioning with a timer! Cozy.
Cons: Like everywhere else in Bali the lighting is poor.
Pros: The guest house is in a good location - in a quiet alley, where no bikes and cars are passing by. Here you will sleep well from the road! Immediately after check-in the hostess brought us tea. Very beautiful and well-maintained patio of the guest complex, everything is done with love by the owners, who are very hospitable.
Pros: Everything was clean, the room was cleaned every day. Breakfast was brought directly to the table near the room. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Location is convenient. Delicious coffee.
Cons: Breakfast is standard for Bali, some fruit. Shower room is separate and not really clean.
Pros: Very cozy, clean and dry in the room. Not damp. Air conditioning works perfectly. The bedding is white, clean, comfortable beds. Not far from the beach and stores, refrigerator, nice hosts.
Cons: The door to the toilet and shower room did not close at all (and we stayed for 14 days). No daylight in the room. Wifi is either slow or does not work at all.
Pros: Wonderful bed, large and comfortable! Snow white and delicious smelling linens. Cozy porches. Breakfast is optional, brought right to your room in the morning (eggs cooked to your choice, fruit, fresh juice, two pieces of toast, butter and jam). There is enough to eat
Cons: It was very hot in the bathroom during the day, as it was under the open sky + the air conditioner unit is located there, it heats up the air even more. And for some reason there was no duvet cover (only a strange warm blanket).
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