Cheap guesthouses in Legian

Dear readers! Please note that the accommodation prices may vary based on seasonal fluctuations, one-time discounts, promotions, last-minute offers, your personal discounts in booking systems, and many other factors. 
If you are planning to look for long-term accommodation in a guesthouse, it makes sense to book a room for a couple of days, live there, experience all the pros and cons, and ask the owner for a discount for a longer stay. When talking directly to the guesthouse owner, there is a chance to get a discount in the range of 10-40% off the total amount calculated by multiplying the daily rate by 30.
If you have obtained any new information about the guesthouses mentioned in this material or any other good offers, please share your discoveries.
  • Very unobtrusive staff, good location - you can walk to the airport if desired, inexpensive cafes nearby, beach within walking distance. Rented a bike through the hotel at a regular price. Excellent air conditioner - very quiet. Great shower and bathroom. The presence of a safe. There is a small pool.
  • Old towels, bed linen with stains. Throughout the 6-day stay, the room was not cleaned, trash was not taken out, towels and bed linen were not changed, and even toilet paper was not replenished.
++ Clean, conveniently located, comfortable bed.
--- Nearby school, so you will be woken up by loud children's cries in the morning. No hangers, lockers to hang your things.  
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