Cheap guesthouses in Gili Trawangan

Dear readers! Please remember that the accommodation prices when booking depend on seasonal fluctuations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, your personal discounts in booking systems, and many other factors. The prices in the article are indicated for the autumn of 2019.
If you plan to look for accommodation in a guesthouse for an extended period, it makes sense to book a room for a couple of days, live there, experience all the pros and cons, and ask the guesthouse owner for a discount for long-term stay. If you speak directly with the guesthouse owner, there is a chance to get a discount in the range of 10-40% off the amount calculated by simply multiplying the cost of daily stay by 30.
If you have received any new information about the guesthouses mentioned in this article or any other good offers, please share your discoveries.
++ Hospitable hosts, quiet at night, clean, comfortable for breakfast.
--- Soundproofing, roosters in the morning, no mosquito net over the bed, and with a light sheet to protect against mosquitoes - it's hot under a warm blanket, without it, mosquitoes bite.
  • Beautiful place. Responsive staff.
  • Close to the beach and all entertainment venues. Near the port. Very friendly hosts. Excellent host. He cooks breakfast himself, very tasty. There is air conditioning and a fan.
++ Cozy rooms on the second floor. Downstairs is a bit worse. A very caring and kind owner. Even treated with fruit and cooked a delicious breakfast. The room is like a small bungalow with a veranda. Very friendly host Di, will treat you with tea and coffee, rent a bike cheaper than on the coast, help organize snorkeling. Cooks delicious breakfasts.
--- Difficulties with hot water, no Wi-Fi for two days due to the provider. The room was not cleaned for two days. It takes about 7 minutes to walk to the coast, but it's quiet near the hotel.
++ Location is one of the best. Perfect for being away from the noise of loud music in the port area. You can use the kitchen and cook your own food, as the kitchen is well-equipped. You can feel at home as the hosts treat you like a family member.
--- There is no wardrobe in the room.
++ Hot water, decent internet, quiet. Normal breakfast. Beautiful, clean, cozy, quiet, peaceful, not humid in the room! Air conditioner works well! Friendly host!
--- Hot water is barely warm.
++ Amazing place, very nice owners, and the rooms are very clean and tidy. Cute place, lovely little room, and clean! The bed was comfortable, and the bathroom smelled wonderful. They have the best hand soap on the island. Nice courtyard to relax in, and they also rent bikes. Next to a restaurant, and a 2-minute walk to catch a beautiful sunrise on the beach. Air conditioner worked well, and the room was cool.
--- The only challenging thing was taking a shower as the water pressure is weak, so cold water flows in the shower.
++ Very nice room, clean. Extremely clean, comfortable bed, lovely helpful owner, and good air conditioning! The best part is that it's just a few minutes' walk from the port.
--- Near a mosque. There may be loud prayers early in the morning.
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