Buying your own bike

In Bali, it makes sense to buy a bike rather than rent it if you plan to stay for more than a year.
Purchasing a new vehicle from official dealers involves a number of difficulties with registration:
1) To register a new bike in your name, you need a Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS). With a KITAS, you can purchase it on credit, in which case the bike is insured. The cost of buying on credit is significantly higher than a one-time payment.
2) You can register the bike under a Balinese acquaintance's name. You have it registered under a local's name, but your name is written on the payment receipt. However, the more bikes registered under one person, the more tax they incur.
You need to go to the salon with a Balinese person or simply take a copy of their KTP (internal identity card in Indonesia). Initially, you will be given temporary plates until they issue normal ones. The owner's book takes even longer to make. If you don't know any Indonesians, the salon may recommend one for you, or you can ask a visa agent.
All of this complicates the purchase. Also, with your own bike, you lose perks like free bike repairs by its owner.
You can buy a used bike instead of a new one - look for ads on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or OLX. It's best not to pay attention to old ads, as good options are taken quickly; you should only look for newly posted ones. It's not necessary to re-register a used bike in your name, the main thing is to take all the vehicle documents (make sure the bike's number is the same everywhere), especially the owner's book - Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor. However, you cannot take an unregistered bike out of the country; this option is only suitable for trips within Indonesia.
Other documents you will receive:
- STNK, the bike's registration document. It needs to be periodically renewed at the local vehicle registration office. Make sure it's not expired.
- A copy of the owner's KTP (national ID). This will be needed for renewing the STNK.
- A receipt for receiving money for the bike from the previous owner (it should indicate the model, number, date, and signature).
- It's also better to make a copy of the seller's KTP and take their contact information.
In Indonesia, it's customary to negotiate. Usually, the price is set with the expectation of a subsequent discount. Additionally, a small discount may also be offered at an official store.
After purchasing from a private seller, it's best to immediately take the bike for maintenance and replace all consumables.
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