Buyan Lake in Tabanan

Photo: @_gilles_f
Known as the twin lakes, Tamblingan and Buyan lakes are separated only by a narrow land strip. Both lakes are situated on the slope of Mount Lesung, in the northern part of Bali.
Buyan Lake is more tourism-oriented, located at an altitude of approximately 1300 meters above sea level. Situated within a conservation area covering 15,000 hectares of land, Buyan Lake spans an area of nearly 4 square kilometers, with a maximum depth of 87 meters.
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It is separated from Tamblingan by a wooded isthmus, ranging in width from 400 meters to a kilometer in different places. In ancient times, they were part of a single large lake but became divided when a landslide occurred between them in the early 19th century after an earthquake.
Unlike the sacred waters of Tamblingan, the waters of Buyan are not considered sacred, allowing them to be used for irrigation and fishing. The water volume in Buyan Lake can fluctuate significantly throughout the year.
Photo: @ady_kuasa
The lake is surrounded by green hills, offering excellent hiking spots. The trails are generally easy, although some sections might be more challenging. Local guides can accompany tourists along these paths.
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To the south of the lake, there is a camping area, providing a pleasant adventure. Camping here can be a delightful experience, especially when the sky is clear, allowing you to gaze at the starry sky with millions of stars above your tent.
Photo: @oseagush
Several hills in the vicinity offer splendid views of Buyan Lake. One of them is Vanagiri, located on the north side of Buyan, with numerous photo spots lining the road.
Photo: @sara_lou
Here, you can capture wonderfully romantic photos on swings with the lake as a backdrop.
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