Bukit Belong Viewpoint (Bukit Belong)

photo @guz_kevinz
In our Instagram era, more and more of Bali's attractions are becoming places where you can take beautiful photos. At such locations, there's no need to hang nests, swings, or weave hearts out of wire and straw. You can simply allow nature to express itself.
One such place is located in Karangasem, about one and a half kilometers from the road connecting Denpasar and Amlapura. This place began to gain popularity around 2016 thanks to photos shared on social media.
Photo: @gustindra
The hill often attracts local youth. They come to wander, take photos, just sit and chat.
The most convenient time to visit the hill is closer to sunrise or sunset when the sun is not too high in the sky. The uphill trail is not very long, but it's more pleasant to tackle it in the coolness of the day.
Photo: @ibmangirat
On the hill, there are trees where you can find shade and take a rest.
Wear comfortable shoes to avoid slipping on the unmarked trail.
Photo: @ketutsartini.s
It seems that the local management cannot organize a structured ticket system.
Therefore, the parking attendants at the hill charge various amounts from visitors, ranging from 5, 10, to 20 thousand rupiahs.
It's not worth making a special trip to this place, but if you want to explore a charming spot along the way, you can visit Bukit Belong.
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