2-day tour in Amed

Embark on an adventure to the capital of the underwater world - the Amed region.
Here, you will find some of the best snorkeling spots along the entire coast: underwater statues and sunken warships, thousands of colorful fish, and vast coral gardens.
It is here that you will feel the power and beauty of oceanic flora and fauna.
In addition, the tour includes a visit to 2 hidden jungle waterfalls and capturing a beautiful photo against the backdrop of the sunset sky and Mount Agung at the scenic Bukit Sinta viewpoint.
Besides natural beauty, this journey offers the most interesting non-touristic attractions of the Island of Gods. You will explore an ancient temple carved into the rock. This place is hidden deep in the jungles, away from tourist routes, and its 800-year history is shrouded in mystique and enigma.
After learning about the spiritual heritage of the past, you will become acquainted with the way of life and traditional craftsmanship of the authentic Tenganan village. Here, you can purchase handmade crafts as souvenirs, such as painted batik, sarongs, and double ikat - a unique product found nowhere else in the world.
Your hotel is located on the first coastline, offering incredible views of sunsets and sunrises over the ocean.
Discover all the colors of untouched nature and the unique culture of Eastern Bali!
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