Buddhist temple Vihara Dharma Giri in Tabanan

Photo by Tribune Bali
The Vihara Dharma Giri temple is located in the village of Pupuan. It is known for its ten-meter statue of Buddha.
The temple is built on three levels. The open courtyard is located on the first level, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks. The sleeping Buddha is located on the second level. The creation of this statue by craftsmen from Klungkung took a lot of time and was completed in 2007.
Beyond the figure, there are breathtaking mountain views, which is another reason why the temple amazes its guests.
The third level houses a pavilion with a bell and a building containing a gilded statue of a seated Buddha, used for prayers.
The temple is open to the public and entrance is free, but it is expected that visitors will donate. A temple staff member will provide you with general guidance.
If you are going to the temple, please cover your shoulders and legs. Sarongs are provided at the temple for those who arrive without one.
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