Borobudur Temple is the treasure of Indonesia

If you dream of touching the oldest Buddhist shrine,visit the Borobudur temple in Indonesia,or as it is also called,the "stone lotus".
Historians believe that it appeared in the 9th century. For a long time, it was the center of pilgrimage for Buddhists, and then its popularity changed over the centuries. It was rediscovered only in the 19th century.
Today,Borobudur is the most visited tourist attraction not only among tourists,but also among Buddhist pilgrims. From a bird's eye view,the temple looks like a mandala - a Buddhist model of the universe.
Come and see it with your own eyes. Walk through all the levels, and examine the intricate reliefs and mystical stone sculptures of Buddha hidden inside the stone-carved steps.
At the same time as Borobudur,the Hindu complex of Prambanan appeared in Indonesia. Visitors are welcome to the beautiful, mysterious temple of Shiva. Nearby are the temples of Vishnu and Brahma,as well as three temples erected in honor of the sacred animals of the gods.
Visit the Kraton Palace. You will see how the Javanese sultans lived in the XIX century. The buildings suffered some damage during the wars with the Dutch and strong earthquakes, but today a small part of the complex has been restored. But this is enough to understand how beautiful the original palace was, with its numerous pavilions and canals.
Embark on a tour of the famous temples and palaces of the island of Java and discover the heritage of ancient times. Touch unique shrines and learn the legends and mysteries associated with them.
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