Bird and Reptile Park

Essentially, these are two parks located next to each other - a bird park and a reptile park. Many who come here to see parrots or peacocks are surprised to learn about the pleasant bonus of reptiles.
The park spans an area of ​​about 2 hectares, where feathered creatures from around the world are gathered. Here you can see representatives from both Americas, Africa, Asia, and of course, Indonesia.
The park's gems are albino peacocks, cassowaries - prehistoric birds the size of a short person, and talking parrots. Currently, over 1000 birds reside in the park, representing more than 250 species. This is the most comprehensive collection of birds native to Asia.
Most of the birds inhabit vast aviaries that visitors can enter to observe the birds up close. Some of them are so accustomed to humans that they show no fear and happily consume the treats offered to them. These treats can be purchased directly on the park grounds. However, be cautious, as some of them have quite impressive beaks or claws that can cause serious injury if they don't like something. For an additional fee, visitors can have their photos taken with some of the birds.
Some of the birds sit in cages and loudly call out, attracting attention. Some birds freely fly among people in vast aviaries where their natural habitat is recreated. Visitors can observe them feeding, flitting among bushes, and caring for each other. Owls sit in their dark enclosure and show no interest in the visitors.
One small brown bird, on the other hand, attracted a lot of attention, speaking in a voice resembling a human's, and posing for photos. It was surprising to see many birds freely roaming among visitors under the open sky. Visitors can take photos with some birds if they are brave enough (they are placed on the hand or shoulder, their beaks and claws are quite large).
I've never had a particular fondness for birds, but the huge pelicans and peacocks strolling along the paths right underfoot are certainly impressive. And you can observe them not through the dirty bars of a zoo cage, but right next to you, within arm's reach.
Once a day, the park hosts a special theatrical show featuring the most vibrant and interesting birds. Additionally, visitors are offered the opportunity to watch a 4D film about the life of the park's inhabitants. For the particularly curious, there is a chance to visit the incubator, where they can witness the entire process of birds hatching.
Just on the other side of the wall lies the Reptile Park. Giant tortoises, crocodiles, venomous Komodo dragons, snakes, and lizards often leave equally unforgettable impressions as the birds. Where else can you ride a tortoise, cuddle an iguana, or witness the hatching of little turtle hatchlings from eggs?
In the reptile park, they allow visitors to hold large iguanas in their hands. The locals handle them without ceremony, lifting them directly by the tail from the ground and placing them in the hands of anyone who wishes. There's a room with snakes. Want to feed a crocodile a live chicken? Sure thing. For me, it's a rather repulsive activity, but some tourists nearby were actively inquiring about this option from the park attendant (it costs around 50,000 or 100,000 rupees). Perhaps this is the only chance to stir up the huge body of a crocodile, which lies at the bottom of the enclosure like plastic, showing absolutely no signs of life.
The park's territory is vast, and there are many inhabitants. To see everything, it's best to arrive for about 3-4 hours. Besides observing the animals, the park is simply pleasant to walk around and spend time in. The natural scenery is beautiful, with well-maintained lawns, numerous beautiful plants, and flowers. There are ponds, fountains, and benches for resting.
Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy the souvenir shop.
Feeling hungry? There's a restaurant on the premises. When you purchase any dish, you get a free Coke (in exchange for the park ticket). Try the banana shake; it's served with a cute bird-shaped figure carved from the peel of some fruit.
Feeling tired from walking? The 3D theater shows a children's cartoon about fish (what does it have to do with birds?) according to the schedule. It's very dark inside with cozy chairs, a perfect place for a nap and relaxation :)
You can check the current prices for admission on the park's website.
Be sure to keep all shiny and easily removable items safe, as the birds might snatch them!
You can get to the park by taxi or on a tourist bus as part of an excursion group.
On the park grounds, there's a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and a 3D theater.
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