Best Scuba Diving Sites in the Tri Gili Islands

While on Gili Air, we met with dive instructors and were curious to find out which dive sites they consider their favorites. They often claim that the Three Gilis islands (Trawangan, Meno, and Air) have over two dozen excellent dive sites with a vast variety of marine life. Which dive sites amaze and captivate the hearts of dive instructors who know them like the back of their hand? Let's explore!
Manta Dive - Robert
photo: Manta Dive
1. Han's Reef
This is a very pleasant, beautiful, and accessible dive site. It's excellent for dives at depths ranging from 12 to 18 meters and is suitable for advanced divers as well. There's a very good chance of encountering turtles here. You can also find blue-spotted stingrays, octopuses, and cuttlefish.
2. Nemo
Located just 5 minutes north of Manta Dive, this spot is very popular because everyone loves Nemo fish. This spot is suitable for divers of all skill levels.
3. Shark Point
The shark spot is on the west side of Gili Trawangan. Overall, you can encounter juvenile whale sharks here, about 5-6 meters in length. However, most sharks you'll see around Gili are white-tip reef sharks and black-tip reef sharks. Shark Point is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers, with depths ranging from 12 to 30 meters.
photo: Manta Dive
photo: Manta Dive
3W Dive - Max
1. Shark Point
I love this site because it can be challenging. There can be currents, and I love currents. Of course, I also love it because you can see many sharks there. They are usually up to 2 meters long and non-aggressive. There's really nothing aggressive or dangerous in the waters around Gili. It's great at 18 meters deep and even better at 30 meters.
Additionally, near Shark Point, there is wreck diving at a shipwreck site. The fishing boat was intentionally sunk under the supervision of the Eco Trust organization because it was no longer operational.
2. Deep Turbo
This deep dive site is full of surprises and is suitable for experienced divers. It features underwater pinnacles and a sandy area where you can move among these pinnacles. Sometimes there can be very strong currents, and you'll feel like you're flying underwater like Superman. You might encounter sharks and rays here as well.
People are divided into those who love small things, like fish, for example. Photographers adore them. I prefer larger things. Small ones are boring to me. I'm not as surprised anymore when I see a turtle, for example. I'm even happier to see someone who is seeing a turtle for the first time and smiling with joy.
3. Halic
I've always loved Halic. Although it has changed somewhat after the earthquake, it's still great for an introductory scuba diving session.
When you do Try Scuba Diving, you can only dive to 12 meters, but for me, the most interesting things happen between 9 and 13 meters. There's a wall, a plateau, and numerous formations. You can swim past the wall and observe turtles, Nemo fish, and sometimes sharks.
photo: 3W
photo: 3W
photo: 3W
Blue Marlin - Rowan
1. Turtle Heaven, Turtle City, Turtle Point
I simply adore this spot because it makes everyone happy. You can see both many turtles and a lot of fish there.
2. Shark Point
It's equally interesting at both shallow and greater depths. Consequently, at greater depths, you can see different things. Either larger sharks or very tiny creatures, like a pygmy seahorse. You'll never see anything like it at depths less than 25 meters. You have to go deeper to find something truly amazing.
Photo: Blue Marlin Gili Air
Photo: Blue Marlin Gili Air
3. Han's Reef
Here, you can engage in three different types of diving: reef coral diving, muck diving on the sand, and seagrass diving.
When you're muck diving on the sand, sometimes it's unclear what you might see amid the sand and debris. But in reality, the things you can encounter there are simply incredible. There are octopuses, cuttlefish, and seahorses—creatures that are expertly camouflaged. And in the seaweed, you can also find many amazing beings.
Blue Marlin - Jane
1. Halic
I really like Halic. It's excellent for both shallow and deep dives. At shallow depths, you can encounter sharks, and at greater depths, there are beautiful canyons.
2. Bounty Wreck
I absolutely adore this site! There are coral formations everywhere, schools of juvenile fish. It's one of the sites where I consistently spot frogfish, which brings me immense joy.
3. Turtle Heaven / Han's Reef
Both of these sites are very easy dives and are rich with an incredible variety of marine life. There are turtles, big fish, and small fish to be found there.
Oceans 5 - Sanders
1. Deep Turbo
The topography at this site is incredibly beautiful, with stunning coral formations.
2. Han's Reef
You can dive here 100 times, and each time it will be a different dive. It's simply huge, and you can explore it in completely different directions.
3. Harbor of Gili Air
Not many people know that you can see a lot of interesting things right in the depths of the harbor. For example, you can encounter mandarinfish here. In our dive center, we just enter the water, and the dive site starts right here from our center.
Oceans  5 - Gio
1. Deep Turbo
This is one of the best deepwater sites. The deepest part is at about 40 meters, but we guide people to a depth of 30 meters. And right there at a depth of 30 meters, you'll find a coral reef with valleys and coral formations. You can dive here 100 times and each time follow a new route and discover your own path. You can encounter both large animals like sharks and rays, and at the same time, you can see large groupers, scorpionfish, and lionfish.
2. Shark Point
I love this site because I'm a big fan of topography. At this site, there are valleys that descend deeper and deeper. Additionally, there's a shipwreck at a depth of about 25 meters. So, you can either swim around the wreck or explore the dive site itself, where about seven valleys descend progressively deeper. The first one is at a depth of 16-17 meters, the next at 22 meters, and so on, with the last one at a depth of 25-27 meters. It offers an amazing topographical experience!
3. Gili Air Wall
First and foremost, I love it for the conditions. It can be quite challenging for diving, but I'm exactly the kind of person who enjoys such challenges. There are currents, and you can move along with them. You go with the current, then encounter a down current, an up current. During such a dive, you must unquestionably be an experienced diver. Even if you have an Advanced certification, you need to be familiar with these currents. The wall itself is just amazing, with small caves and it continues from 7 meters to 32 meters deep.
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