Canyoning is available to everyone

The fabulous landscapes of the canyons of Bali have been formed over centuries.
Our journey is an opportunity to take a walk in the wild jungles and gorges, to see incredible landscapes of waterfalls and to touch the world of extreme sports in a completely safe way.

What Is Canyoning?

Canyoning includes various ways of descent, such as jumping from waterfalls of different heights, sliding through rocky gorges, descending on a carbine when you need to relax your hands and float on a safety line, and a "climbing" descent using ropes and carbines.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Experienced instructors who secure you along the way will support team spirit and create a fun atmosphere.
Any person without special climbing training can go through the track and get a lot of impressions and a portion of adrenaline.
We recommend canyoning to everyone who wants to see the wonderful nature of the island and spend the day unusually.
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