Bali has made it to the top destinations where Chinese tourists will celebrate the New Year

Where there are holidays, there is an influx of tourists to Bali. Recently, the island counted the number of travelers who celebrated New Year and Christmas here, and the figures are impressive, almost like before the pandemic. Now they are preparing for a new record.
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Chinese tourists are actively booking accommodation in Indonesia ahead of the Lunar New Year, which will be celebrated on February 10. According to Airbnb, the top 10 countries where Chinese travelers aim to celebrate the Year of the Dragon include:
1. Thailand
2. Japan
3. New Zealand
4. Australia
5. USA
6. Malaysia
7. Indonesia
8. UK
9. Norway
10. South Korea
Indonesia is ranked 7th, and it is evident that tourists often consider Bali. Chinese travelers currently stay on the island for an average of 5-7 days, which is undoubtedly pleasing to the local tourism ministry, as they continue to emphasize the need to attract more "quality tourists" with high spending levels and longer stays. Chinese tourists meet these criteria, and they are also traveling during Bali's low season.
In 2024, Bali plans to welcome 1.5 million tourists from China, which is 707,000 more than in 2023. However, the current flight capacity between mainland China and the island is such that it is unlikely to transport more than 1.1 million passengers in a year. Therefore, the regional marketing director of the tourism ministry, Vishnu Sindhu Triesno, emphasizes the need to launch new flights to achieve goals for foreign travelers.
Chinese people themselves are more inclined to travel this year. According to the Chinese government, around 40 million citizens will travel abroad this year, four times more than in 2023. This may be why the Chinese airline Juneyao, which recently completed its first flight from Shanghai to Denpasar, plans to replace the Airbus A320neo with a larger Boeing 787 Dreamliner capable of carrying 360-400 passengers.
Chinese holidays are a way for Indonesia to take the first steps towards welcoming more than 14 million foreign tourists this year, with 7.5 million expected to visit Bali. "We hope that the Chinese New Year holidays will help us attract 14.3 million foreign tourists this year," said Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno. To achieve this, many provinces in Indonesia are organizing themed holiday events.
"These [holiday events] should reflect the culture of the local Chinese people and contribute to the development of heritage-related tourism," said the minister. At least 65% of the Chinese people currently traveling to Bali are millennials, and the remaining tourists are people aged 40 and older. Often, they prefer places that are "Instagrammable" and suitable for selfie photography. Chinese tourists gladly book mountaineering tours, nature trips, and diving tours.
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