August 17th - Indonesian Independence Day

Have you already noticed that Indonesian flags are hanging everywhere? The country of a thousand islands is transforming on the eve of a grand celebration - Independence Day.
For three centuries, Indonesia was a colonial possession of the Netherlands and was called Dutch East Indies. With the onset of World War II, the Dutch left the archipelago under pressure from the Japanese army, which subsequently occupied Indonesia.
On August 17, 1945, the act of independence was signed.
For about 4 more years, Indonesia continued to fight for independence. During this time, 2 colonial wars were fought, resulting in the deaths of about 105 thousand people from both sides.
And only on December 27, 1949, the Hague Court finally recognized Indonesia as an independent state. However, the date chosen for the holiday remained August 17th.
The main decoration of the country on this day is flags or simply ribbons or pieces of fabric in white and red colors. They are hung on administrative buildings, private houses, cars, and other forms of transportation, on clothing or accessories - basically everywhere possible.
Previously, this flag was the symbol of the Majapahit Kingdom, which was located on the territory of present-day Indonesia. The combination of red and white colors symbolizes the unity of the physical (blood) and spiritual (soul) essence of a person.
This flag was reinstated during the struggle for independence and has since become the national flag of the Republic of Indonesia.
Throughout the country, August 17th is a day off. In honor of this significant event, festive activities will take place nationwide: parades, competitions and contests, mass celebrations, and theatrical performances.
The main parade is attended by the President, Vice President, and the Cabinet of Ministers. All events are broadcasted on television.
The day concludes with a festive fireworks display.
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