ATMs in Bali

Photo: Antara / Wahyu Putro
ATMs in Bali are everywhere! Withdrawing money from any bank's card won't be a problem, but there are some nuances.
1. ATMs often have unstable connections, and it may take several attempts (sometimes 2-5) to successfully withdraw money. Don't get discouraged; keep trying. However, after the 5th unsuccessful attempt, it's better to switch to another ATM.
2. Building on the first point: since the connection is unstable, it is recommended to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. Remember the key combination you need to press and try to do everything non-stop. The chances of success are much higher than if you take breaks when choosing the next menu.
3. Your chances of success will be even higher if you choose the Indonesian language instead of English. Go through the quest once in English, memorize the key combination/items, and the order of pressing them. Then, in all subsequent attempts, use the Indonesian language.
4. Fees at different ATMs, as well as the fees of the banks whose cards you are withdrawing money from, differ. Study this matter before withdrawal to avoid surprises.
5. If your card is in Indonesian rupiahs, choose the "without conversion" option during withdrawal. Otherwise, you'll approve double conversion IDR-USD-IDR, losing money on the exchange rate.
6. Do not perform more than five transactions in one go at a single ATM. There is a high probability that your card will be retained.
7. If the ATM retains your card, don't panic and don't immediately block the card (but, of course, withdraw the funds). Go to the nearest bank office (usually, its address and phone number are written on the ATM), write an order for card return, and the next working day, they will return it to you. But this needs to be done during the nearest working hours after retention because unclaimed cards are usually cut immediately after being brought to the bank.
1. For withdrawal, use MAYBANK ATMs (they can issue a maximum of 3,000,000 IDR in one transaction) and MANDIRI (they can issue a maximum of 2,500,000 IDR in one transaction). Firstly, they usually glitch less; secondly, they allow larger amounts to be withdrawn in one transaction compared to other ATMs; thirdly, their offices are in all areas of the island, making it easier to return the card in case of retention.
2. Before the trip, order 2-3 (or even 10, since they are free) additional cards. And you won't worry if you lose/get robbed/ATM retains one. Just block the lost card in the app and continue life with the next one.
3. How to protect yourself from card fraud. The simplest: do not keep money on the card. This is easy to do by linking the card to an empty account, and connect it to an account with money just before withdrawing or paying. After completing the transaction, reconnect it to the empty account. This action takes a few seconds in the app and ensures the security of your money. For other banks where you cannot change the card's account instantly and an infinite number of times, use the same empty account principle, but transfer the necessary amount for the operation to the card from the active account before withdrawal/purchase.
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