Assistance in obtaining a visa to the USA

Great news for all those wishing to travel abroad океан🇺🇸
Recently, the statistics on issuance of tourist visas to the U.S. in Indonesia has noticeably improved!
Citizens of different countries can obtain a visa in Indonesia.
What do you need to do to apply?
1️⃣ You need to fill out the DS-160 form. You can fill it out here
Prepare all necessary documents so that you have all the data at hand when filling out the application: passport, diplomas, work certificates, statements, photos in electronic form, etc.
2️⃣ Pay the consular fee of 160$
3️⃣ To book an interview online.
There you specify where you want to be interviewed in Surabaya or Jakarta.
4️⃣ On the appointed date fly to the city you have booked for the interview.
What's important to know?
You need to prove that you do not intend to immigrate to the United States. Therefore, the more ties you have to your "home country" in the form of work, real estate, family, the more credible you are. If you have been living in Bali for a long time, it is necessary to show a connection to Bali.
It is realistic for everyone to get an American visa, the main thing is to prepare properly.
We help with applying for a U.S. visa, namely:
- Fill out the application form
- We will schedule you for an interview
- Help you prepare for the interview
For advice on obtaining a US visa and to start the application process - text us
via Telegram - @LegalIndonesiaBot 
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