Art shops and galleries in Bali

Bali is known throughout the world as a place where many artists, creators and artists live. In addition, there are many markets on the island where you can buy unique items for home decoration.
Sukawati Art Market
Walking around Sukawati is complicated by the fact that the market is a labyrinth. But here you can discover truly unique things hidden in the alleys.
Here you will find a wide range of goods: handmade bags, wooden ethnic bowls, dishes, popular comfortable trousers and batik dresses (2-3 times cheaper than in the center of Ubud).
Of course, there are many shops with paintings and wooden sculptures!
If you spend a little more time and shop around, you are sure to find something unique that will look great in your interior.
Tip: If you are going to fully explore the market, make sure you have at least half a day to do it!
Nyoman Jendra Gallery
This store is a must visit if you love intricate, whimsical paintings and intricate details.
Despite its modest facade, it is filled with quite a lot of paintings.
Nyoman Jendra creates whimsical paintings, unlike those you usually find in other art galleries and art markets.
In Balinese painting, complexity is at the core and Nyoman Jendra takes this to a whole new level, with a love for detail.
Here you will satisfy your artistic senses, looking through the works, you will definitely find something that you really like.
Gallery Syah
Sit down and watch talented artists at work as they work on your painting. Here it is best to observe how your thoughts and ideas are embodied in the picture.
Conveniently located in Seminyak. In the gallery you can choose paintings that match your imagination. You can also provide the artist with a photo to transfer onto canvas.
If you are worried about the prices, the fact is that they have a ready-made catalog of prices for paintings of any size depending on your needs.
Gallery Adipati Soeryo
Gallery with traditional Balinese paintings and a range of portraits.
The store itself is like an old Balinese museum. It is a pleasure to walk along it.
The people at the gallery are very friendly, so don't hesitate to ask them questions about the work before you choose anything.
Inside the gallery there is a small spa store called Cantika. You can buy soap, perfume and essential oils.
Reservo Art Gallery
Reservo Art has a wide range of styles to choose from, from weird and wacky pop art to more contemplative ones that reflect the artist's thoughts.
Shop Focus Design
Surreal glass flasks hang on branches and stumps.
The sun shines through the bulbs revealing colors and incredible designs.
It's hard not to fall in love with these works of art.
Bali Parcel Store
At least go to Parcel Bali.
There are about 40 carvers working in this house and they take their craft seriously.
Visit the exhibition hall and art gallery in Singakerta where you will find a large selection of wooden sculptures. From wooden carved masks and abstract sculptures to jewelry and tables.
Rote Adhi Store
In Batubulan you will see rows of stone carvings right on the street.
One of the stone carving shops, Rote Adhi was established back in 1978.
Many sculptures are carved here from various stone materials. If you are looking for a specific type of stone to suit your needs, this is the place for you!
Lime (suitable for all climates), sand (for tropical climates) and lava (for outdoor use).
One interesting fact about Rote Adhi is that they were the first to use volcanic stone. The material was supplied directly from Java thanks to the active volcanoes there.
Silver shop Prapen
The first thing to know about Prapen is that the name of this family business was taken from "perapian", which means blacksmith shop.
If you are looking for quality silver, Prapen is a fantastic place to visit, especially since Prapen is owned and operated by a member of Pande Mas (an ancient line of Balinese blacksmiths who worked with precious metals).
You can be confident in the quality of the products.
Workshop of Taru Chendana (Taru Cendana)
If you are traveling to Depansar, make sure to make a stop at Tharu Chendana.
In addition to the didgeridoo, djembe drums, rainstick and many other musical instruments, there are traditional Balinese ones.
In the store you can play ethnic instruments.
Unusual instruments will definitely interest you.
And of course, these beautiful handmade instruments will look great on the shelves of your home!
Now you know where to buy cool things in Bali, no matter what you're looking for: paintings, stone sculptures, musical instruments or something else.
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