Anti-dehydration medications in Bali

I recommend everyone to include in their first aid kit the local equivalent of Rehydran called PHAROLIT produced by Novell company, which costs around 1200-1500 IDR per packet. I especially recommend it to parents traveling with children.
Why is this important? The medication significantly helps with dehydration. It's easy to become dehydrated in Bali due to the climate (loss of moisture through the skin in heat and wind) and potential poisoning. In the latter case, the process is simple - the stomach rebels and seeks to rid itself of its contents.
Vomiting/diarrhea leads to rapid water loss. Many know that drinking water is good, but as always, it's important not only how much liquid you ingest to compensate for losses but also the quality. Bottled or purified water contains few micronutrients, and with active flushing, you simultaneously deplete the body's electrolyte reserves. This is where Rehydran or its analogs come in, restoring the body's electrolyte balance. This medication is especially important for children - amidst their overall exhaustion, you may easily overlook the moment when they suffer not from what they ate but from disruptions in metabolic processes.
Their temperature immediately rises, and despite giving them water again, they can no longer drink; they vomit at the sight of water alone. Therefore, it's essential to provide them with prepared water right away; fortunately, dissolving a couple of packets is not difficult.
There's also ready-made "salt" water, but in my opinion, Pharolit is better. It's compact, inexpensive, and can be carried in a bike's first aid kit. Moreover, its taste is better - it somewhat resembles "fizz" - soluble vitamin C.
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