About special clothes for surfing

Lycra (named after the material) is a very useful piece of gear, especially for beginner surfers. Here are its advantages:
  • Sun protection: You won't get sunburned (I recommend a long-sleeved lycra).
  • Board-friendly: It doesn't chafe against the surfboard.
  • Protection from jellyfish: It guards against jellyfish stings.
  • Water resistance: It absorbs less water compared to a regular t-shirt, so it keeps you warmer when it's windy and you're in the water.
  • Comfortable fit: It hugs your body nicely, unlike a loose-fitting t-shirt, which adds to your comfort.
So, if you're a beginner surfer and not trying to cut corners on gear, buying a lycra is definitely a good idea!
Surf shorts
Also have several advantages over regular swim trunks, which is why many surfers prefer them:
  • Sun protection: They protect against sunburn.
  • Comfort: They don't chafe.
  • Secure fit: They have a reliable tie, so they won't get washed away by a wave.
  • Storage: You can put wax or a board scraper in the pocket during your session.
  • Performance: Compared to regular shorts, surf shorts are made of a thin, stretchy, quick-drying material that doesn't restrict movement.
In any sport, high-quality gear significantly enhances comfort!
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