Obat Kutil Or Remedy For Warts. How To Treat Warts?

- What should I buy at the pharmacy to get rid of warts?
- Go to the pharmacy and say "obat kutil." They'll give you wart liquid.
In fact, there's nothing funny about it. The phrase "obat kutil" indeed means "wart medicine." In Indonesia, warts are often treated with Callusol liquid.
Solution for external use.
10 g of the solution contains: 2.0 g of salicylic acid, 0.5 g of lactic acid, 0.2 g of polydocanol 600.
Collomak should not be used in case of increased sensitivity to salicylic acid, salicylates, or any other components of the drug. It is not recommended for treating infants.
Method of administration and dosage
Apply one drop of Collomak solution to affected areas of the skin 1-2 times daily. For plantar warts and hyperkeratosis of the soles (calluses), warm foot baths enhance the therapeutic effect. The duration of treatment is established individually depending on the effectiveness of the drug. For adults, the maximum dose of Collomak is 10 ml per day, which corresponds to 2 g of salicylic acid per day. Usually, corns and calluses can be removed after taking a warm foot bath for 3-4 days. For children, the maximum dose of Collomak is 1 ml per day, which corresponds to 0.2 g of salicylic acid. Do not exceed this dose. When treating children, it is not advisable to treat several areas of the skin simultaneously. Attention: Collomak is for external use only. Collomak should not come into contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. To prevent damage to the surrounding skin when applying Collomak, protect it with zinc paste. After use, the bottle should be tightly closed. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated. When using the maximum allowable daily dose of 10 ml of Collomak for adults and 1 ml of Collomak for children, the duration of treatment should not exceed 1 week. In other cases, the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.
Special Instructions
Collomak should not be applied to moles, hairy warts, warts in the genital area, or on the face. Collomak should not be used in patients with impaired kidney function (renal insufficiency). In these patients, the use of medicinal products containing salicylates should be carried out with special caution. Avoid contact of the product with mucous membranes, especially the eyes. If this happens, rinse the affected area with plenty of water. After use, tightly close the bottle! During pregnancy, Collomak should only be applied to a limited area of ​​the skin (no more than 5 cm2). Breastfeeding can continue while using Collomak. Care should be taken to avoid accidental ingestion of salicylic acid by the infant through contact with treated areas of the mother's body.
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