A tourist died in a traffic accident involving a truck in Bali

On Tuesday, December 19, a dramatic road incident occurred on the Ngurah Rai Bypass road in Bali. A Dutch tourist was riding his motorcycle near the junction with Raya Pemogan when he collided with a truck transporting concrete panels. The impact was so severe that the motorcycle driver with the initials RJ lost his head and died on the spot.
Numerous viral videos captured all the details of this tragic incident. The police report that the 21-year-old man displayed recklessness while driving. Other causes of the accident have not been disclosed yet. It is also known that the foreigner did not have a driver's license or any documents for the bike. The crash happened as the truck was slowing down to make a left turn, and RJ likely didn't notice the maneuver.
The accident occurred at five in the morning, at dawn, which is a quite dangerous time for driving, as many drivers are still waking up on the road, and some haven't even gone to bed. The overall attentiveness of the traffic flow is relatively low at this time.
The police report that the collision speed was such that the motorcycle ridden by the Dutch tourist is beyond repair. Whether the deceased was under the influence of alcohol or other substances is still unknown. The driver of the Fuso truck, Muhammad Fathuzori, was unharmed.
Similar fatal or severe accidents involving tourists happen quite regularly in Bali, with the main causes being speeding, unfamiliarity with local rules, and inattentiveness. Despite the perception that driving on the island is simple and even fun, life often shows that mistakes on the road here result in consequences as serious as in any other country in the world. If you value your safety, undergo driving training before taking the wheel yourself. Be attentive on the roads and always wear a helmet.
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