A Sportel Bali Triathlon-2024 event will take place on Bali, featuring a 40km bike ride and a 1.5km swim

For those who love to test their endurance while enjoying the beauty of Bali, it's time to start preparing for one of the most challenging competitions – the Sportel Bali Triathlon-2024. The tournament will take place from February 21 to 25 in Bukit.
It all begins with a swim at the beach of the InterContinental hotel in Jimbaran. Participants in the standard category will swim a distance of 1.5 kilometers, while those in the sprint category will cover 750 meters.
After the swim, participants will embark on a cycling journey. The circular route will start from the InterContinental through Uluwatu Road, Ngurah Rai Road, and finish again in Jimbaran. For standard category participants, the distance will be 40 kilometers, and for the sprint category, it's half that – 20 kilometers.
Finally, the running stage will determine the winner. The start will be at Jimbaran Beach, heading to Bukit Permata, Karang Mas, Bukit Permata again, and returning in a loop to the beach. In the standard category, a 10-kilometer run is required, while for sprinters, it's 5 kilometers.
Peter F. Gonta, CEO of Transvision, one of the event sponsors, expressed confidence that the competition can promote a healthy lifestyle and position Indonesia as a leading destination for sports tourism. "I believe that the potential of triathlon not only enriches the sporting experience but also opens up income-generating opportunities through sports tourism, making a significant contribution to improving Indonesia's image as a major destination for sports enthusiasts worldwide," he said.
Both men and women of any age can try their hand at triathlon competitions in Bali. To participate, you need to register on the official Sportel Bali Triathlon-2024 website. Participation is paid, and there are three package options:
- Sprint distance – IDR 2,063,000 per person,
- Standard distance – IDR 2,635,000 per person,
- Relay for the standard distance – IDR 5,265,000 per team.
Registration fees will contribute to participant medals, exclusive packages for triathletes, and valuable prizes, according to the organizers. Before signing up for triathlon competitions, make sure you have a high level of physical fitness – the challenges are quite serious. Don't forget about the not-so-easy climatic conditions as well.
Mick Varker
Hi,  I have registered to compete in the Jimbaran Bay Triathlon on the 25th of Feb 2024.
How do I now enter and pay for the entry fee.


Mick Varker
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Mike, hi! It's wonderful that you'll be participating in this marathon! I think you need to visit the official website and get in touch with them. They have an email and WhatsApp phone number! Wishing you good luck!