A self-guided trip to the Butterfly Park and the famous Cottonwood Tree

📍The first point on the map is Bali butterfly park
On the way to the butterfly park you can stop at a great cafe 📍Valencia Bakery Cafe.
We reach the park, leave the bike in the bulk parking lot and go inside.
Inside you can have free coffee or tea, buy a ticket for 100k IDR.
The fairy tale begins
What's interesting about the butterfly park? 🦋
There are a lot of them here! Walk around the park, enjoy the silence. Look carefully around and you will notice hundreds of butterflies on twigs, leaves, pebbles. Then go to the center of the park, there in the gazebos you can watch butterflies being born! 🤩
You'll see their cocoons, you'll see night butterflies whose wingspan is the size of the palm of your hand! 😱
In the neighboring gazebo you can see different beetles, sticks, there are scorpions and many spiders. They let you hold many of them and take pictures. There is a lot to see, and for a long time.
Tired? Then get on the bike and go to see the cottonwood tree🔥
📍The second point is Wisata Kayu Putih. There are two ways to get to the tree.
There is a road through the field on concrete slabs and there is a good one on asphalt. It's just a different approach with a 2 minute difference.
We pull into the parking lot, leave the bike and see a huge, powerful tree! They say it's about 700 years old💔
You can take pictures, but remember - this is a sacred tree☝️ There was a case when a tourist was photographed here naked and she was deported.
Then more people found out about the tree.
Afterwards, you can go for dinner at an interesting place 📍Wr. Bubble.
The entrance is through the gorilla's head, all the tables inside the bubbles🥰 How beautiful it was to watch the raindrops that roll around the table on the walls of this bubble. The menu is varied, the food is delicious and reasonably priced.
Now we put a point in the direction of home and head back.
The entire route is here ▶️ Butterfly Park and Cottonwood.
Price: 100k IDR - butterfly park ticket, tree - donation
Distance: 46 km from Denpasar
Travel time: 1 hour 25 minutes by bike
Difficulty: Easy, but it is better to take warm clothes and raincoat.
Road: Easy
📍 Inquiries about the availability of bikes you can ask us
via Telegram  ▶️@BaliMotion
or on the website  ▶️BaliMotion.pro
We wish you a wonderful trip!
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