A Massive Cliff Collapsed into the Ocean Near Bingin Beach

A cliff collapse occurred near Bingin Beach. Although rare, such events are not uncommon. The ocean and erosion take their toll, and the land slowly retreats under the pressure of the elements. However, this time, the cause was not nature but the actions of a developer who decided to slightly modify the shape of the cliff for his needs.
Photo: Instagram @pupfishlittlefeather
Upon completion, the complex was supposed to have 116 apartments, with prices starting at $585,000 for a one-bedroom unit with luxurious finishes, but now the completion of the construction might be under the question. Whether the developer had permission and the right to carry out such work is still unknown. Authorities usually disapprove of such initiatives.
Building on such cliffs can be quite risky. Even Balinese temples, which look so picturesque on the edge of these cliffs, sometimes face the danger of collapse. For example, the Uluwatu temple is under threat, though in this case, the cause was an earthquake, and the authorities are already taking measures to save the complex.
Risks can also arise from other causes. For instance, recently, the authorities decided to demolish numerous illegal structures on this beach. Hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants proliferated uncontrollably on the cliffs by Bingin Beach without any paperwork or documentation. Moreover, the land on these cliffs was not licensed by the state for construction. Eventually, the authorities discovered the problem and ordered the illegal structures to be demolished.
Sources: instagramswellnet
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