A foreigner meditated naked in front of a Balinese temple

A foreigner meditated naked in front of a Balinese temple.
A video featuring a fully naked white man meditating within the sacred walls of a Balinese temple caught the attention of the online community, leading to involvement from the police and immigration services. The video was uploaded on Instagram and went viral after being shared by Balinese community accounts.
Since the video was shot by another person, there's suspicion that it was intentionally created to provoke outrage on social media. The exact location where the video was recorded remains unknown.
The Denpasar Immigration Service has initiated a search for the individual in the video. His social media account has been identified, and efforts are underway to determine the foreigner's whereabouts. "We are collaborating with the Intelligence and Security Unit of the Bali Regional Police," stated Teddy Riyandi, the head of the Denpasar Immigration Service. Anggiat Napitupulu, the head of the Bali regional office of the Ministry of Human Rights, mentioned that the Bali Immigration Service patrols not only physically but also through social media.
In Indonesia, appearing naked in a public place violates societal norms and legislation. This applies to male tourists walking without a shirt within city limits and women wearing bikinis entering shops. Be mindful and adhere to decency rules, especially when you are a guest.
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