10 funny things about driving in Indonesia

Indonesia has its own unique style of driving vehicles. Many who have been living here for a long time are accustomed to it, and they seamlessly merge into the flow without surprise. However, these moments may shock recently arrived tourists ;)
1. Anyone drives, regardless of age, having a license, or wearing a helmet.
You might think that a certain age must be reached to have the right to ride a scooter, or that obtaining a driver's license is mandatory?
2. Dividing stripes? No, we haven't heard.
Deprivation of rights for crossing a double solid line? Yes, I beg you! ))
3. Drive a bike and write SMS on your phone at the same time? Easily!
Believe it or not, there’s no way you can stop for 15 seconds to send a message! Meanwhile, this is one of the most common causes of serious road accidents in the country.
4. Need to cross the road anywhere? You need a magic gesture!
You probably think that to cross the road you need to find a zebra crossing and wait for the traffic light to turn green, and then you will cross safely? Not in Indonesia! Only a magical hand gesture will help you here!
5. Unique Indonesian cornering style! )
Why wait until everyone has passed? You can die of boredom! After all, you can carefully hobble along oncoming traffic!
Normal turn:
Turn in Indonesian:
6. Are you riding a bike? Be sure to chat with your neighbor!
Imagine that you and a friend are just walking in the park! ) Don’t pay attention to the fact that a whole mini-traffic jam has already accumulated behind you. Chatting with a friend on the road is much more important!
7. Do you think that a bike can only carry two people and a kilogram of food in the trunk? )
As they say, “Are you weak?”
8. The one who needs it most goes.
On a roundabout, at any intersection, if you really need to, then go! Those around you will undoubtedly understand you and politely let you pass! Priority rules, secondary roads? No, have not heard!
9. Indonesia, where road signs mean nothing.
Signs? Rules? Can't park? Nonsense! You really, really need it! And not for long)
10. Do you think you can only drive on the roadway? You are wrong!
If the entire roadway is busy, then don’t stand in a traffic jam, really! On the sidewalk, on the oncoming traffic? No problem! )
And the worst thing is that after a few years you start driving the same way! ;)
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