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Awakening the Sacred Self

F7H4+3PR, MAS, Ubud, Denpasar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
🌹 3 Day Tantra Immersion for Singles and Couples - Awakening the Sacred Self: A Journey of Cultivating Connection & Fulfillment🌹
🌿 THIS Sat 15th June - Mon 17th June 2024 | Eco Resort, Central Ubud, Bali 🌿
Join us for a transformative experience as we explore the ancient practices of Tantra through experiential journey which includes a combination of guided meditations, interactive exercises, and group discussions, conscious relating connecting on a soul level, and cultivating a deep sense of trust and openness with partners.
✨ Explore the foundational principles of Tantra and understand how it can be used to creatively navigate through life’s challenges.
🪷Learn techniques to activate and channel your energy centers (chakras), enhancing your vibrational frequency and vitality..
✨ Participate in guided active meditations designed to quiet the mind, access your inner wisdom, and set clear, powerful intentions for your personal growth.
🪷 Engage in rituals that foster a sense of gratitude, release limiting beliefs, and deepen your connection with yourself and others.
✨ Experience practices that harmonize your physical and spiritual selves, promoting a holistic approach to connection and fulfillment.
🪷 a flow of solo, partner, and group Tantric Rituals, Active Meditations, and sharing
led by 🪷Ma Ananda Marali 🪷 and 🌿Deva Sangeet🌿

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