Align With Your Higher Self - The Roots To Mother Earth

Gianyar • The Yoga Barn
Dec 16, from 15:00 to 18:30
F7M8+PVG, Jl. Sukma Kesuma, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
4.2 / 1193
Alignment With Your Higher Self Meditation & Yoga Workshop Series By Candice Halliday Bryant A Workshop series focusing on multiple themes that are displayed in nature, As we are a reflection of nature, when we find nature we find ourselves. Working with certain elements and energies that are key for us to maintain balance within our own mind, body and sprit, we can recalibrate an align into higher states consciousness.
Studio Lotus Early Bird: 300k (until December 14th)
Edition #1 The Roots to Mother Earth Mother Earth is the place where our roots expand and receive everything we need to experience abundance in this life.
In this workshop we will immerse ourselves deep into the core energies of the Earth, clearing and purifying any emotions or toxic energy in the root chakra (Responsible for survival instincts and Important for us to have stability, grounding, a healthy immune system, and even focus and presence) cleanse and remove negative beliefs and ancestral wounds that disrupt the connection to Mother/ Nature, replacing them with positive beliefs, affirmations, and energy healing.
Combining Meditation, Himalayan Kriya Yoga, Movement, group connection & Live Sound healing, grounding us into the Roots of Mother Earth.
This workshop is for anyone wanting to
• let go of drama, stress, or pain
• Ground into the energies of Mother Earth • Find more stability and abundance in life.
• Improve general mental, physical and emotional health • Connect deeper to your body
• Burn away ancestral karma
• learn about the basics of Himalayan Kriya yoga What to bring: An item that you find along the way from Mother Earth ( a leaf, a stone a feather, etc.) Journal/notepad and pen or pencil Comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat Bio Candice guides with compassion and intuition, she is passionate about holding safe spaces and allowing authenticity and creativity, to be a major factor of expression in these circles. While sharing practices and techniques of energy yoga, breath work, movement & meditation you experience the value of your being, the power in oneness, connection, and remembrance within, leading you to your higher self and higher states of consciousness.
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