Tukies Coconut Shop

Type of place
Located centrally in Ubud, this café-shop caters to coconut enthusiasts with a delectable array of coconut-flavored ice cream, sweets, and drinks.
It stands out among similar establishments in Ubud for its spacious layout and extensive menu featuring coconut flakes, syrup, oil, Jam Square cookies, muesli, and a variety of healthy snacks—all natural and free from additives.
Patrons rave about its renowned coconut ice cream and enjoy exploring the range of local coconut-infused beverages and desserts.
The café offers affordable coconut treats, some gluten-free, available for both dine-in and takeaway, all at reasonable prices inclusive of taxes.
However, challenges include limited parking availability, a somewhat cramped interior that discourages prolonged stays, and the absence of air conditioning, which can make it uncomfortably warm.