Sala Bistro and Coffee

Type of place
The best pastry shop in Sanur!
Breakfasts and lunches, delicious coffee and pastries.
Sala Bistro & Coffee is known for a variety of delicious pastries, desserts, flavored coffee of Seniman Coffee brand, a famous exporter and producer in Bali region.
The coffee shop is made in modern Scandinavian design, in light colors.
Minimalism, but with an elegant concept, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for breakfast or meeting with friends. Also, the place is great for work, stable Wi-Fi, variety of coffee, availability of outlets and comfortable sofas contribute to this.
You can sit both inside, with air conditioning, and outside in the open space. The menu is very varied and wanted to try everything! Four kinds of smoothie bowls, 7 kinds of poké bowls, very delicious with red fish. Pasta, sandwiches and burgers, fish and meat, with excellent side dishes, cheese plate and attractive wines. A little room should definitely be left for dessert! The frozen tiramisu with crumble and caramel is simply delicious!