Sri Bala Krishna

Type of place
A vegetarian kindergarten for children aged two to six years.
The Happy Children Space is an author’s project created so children can play, grow, and develop, discovering and realizing their talents and uniqueness in a friendly, comfortable home atmosphere.
In the kindergarten, a lot of time is dedicated to free play, psychological health, and the natural development of the child.
When a child plays, he learns the most important things – building human relationships and managing his life!
The teachers at the school follow the child’s interests. By observing the children, they develop topics that are currently relevant for them. They create projects in which children explore and learn related topics, acquiring new knowledge and broadening their horizons. The teachers do not offer ready-made solutions but ask questions that encourage children to seek answers. This way, children learn to work in a team, find and evaluate information, and think independently.
There are several types of subscriptions – the cost per month starts from 6,000,000 IDR.