Serangan Island

Open 24/7, no days off
Type of place
Serangan is practically the main spot during the winter period when strong west winds blow. It works consistently.
Entry to the area is paid.
The lineup is quite far, you'll have to paddle a lot ;)
There's a good channel on the left.
Serangan can have very active currents, so you need to constantly monitor your position relative to landmarks on the shore and paddle back.
Serangan Left Peak There are left and right waves.
The left one is better and more correct.
It works well in almost any tide.
Excellent wave at full low tide, but it needs to be a good size.
It’s also good at mid-tide. At full tide, it's okay, but size is desirable.
A strong current to the left appears with a rapid water drop.
At a size of 4-5 feet, it can be perfect.
With a larger swell, it becomes very powerful and dangerous, often described as "with backwash". The left peak usually has fewer people than the main one.
The reef is sharp and alive. Serangan Central Peak, Main Good right wave, the left one is slightly worse, not as consistent, but still decent.
This is where the main size comes on Serangan.
In a good swell, it can easily be up to three times overhead. It gets very crowded. In winter, this is one of the most crowded spots in Bali.
It also works well in almost any tide. Sometimes strong currents appear too. Serangan Right Peak Decent right wave. Smaller than the previous two peaks. Often used for beginner lessons.