Sensa Koffie Roastery Kuta

Type of place
One of the best coffee shops in Kuta, this café offers and sells premium varieties of Indonesian coffee.
Owned by a renowned world champion barista and certified judge, the café showcases numerous diplomas, underscoring its credibility.
The owner personally selects and purchases top-quality coffee from regions across Indonesia, including Sumatra, Flores, Sulawesi, Java, Papua, and Bali, directly from village farmers.
Each coffee package, available in 250g or 1kg, details its origin, including the specific farm or village.
The café spans two floors with a spacious, beautiful environment and a lovely balcony. The first floor features a store selling national sweets and snacks, while the second floor houses a café with a coffee bar offering various coffee brewing methods.
For those unfamiliar with coffee, the barista can tailor the flavor to your preference.
A Pia cookie accompanies each coffee.
They also serve quality Javanese tea and offer a menu for light bites.
Prices exclude a 10% tax.