Livit Hub - Coworking Space

Type of place
A large four-story building in the heart of the district. Amenities:
  • Small and large rooms for Skype and Zoom calls;
  • High-quality and high-speed internet - 150 Mbps;
  • 24/7 access for club members;
  • Air conditioners;
  • Roof with a great view.
Livit Hub is proud to be more than just a coworking space - it is a center for innovation and development.
The space is designed to create a working creative atmosphere where great ideas can be born. The coworking space attracts professionals from various industries as well as freelancers from around the world. Livit Hub hosts regular networking events, seminars, and knowledge-sharing sessions that further strengthen collaboration and connection among coworking members.
The coworking space has a private secured parking lot in front of the building. You must remove your outdoor shoes before entering to maintain a clean environment. The first floor is a restaurant area. This zone has no air conditioners, only fans, and is accessible with a basic or one-day membership.