Beluna - House of Creatives

Type of place
Wi-fi speed: 90 mbThis is the most stylish and aesthetic coworking space in Ubud - woven decor, view of the green rice terraces.
The first floor is an open area under a canopy with fans - a café zone. It can get quite hot during the day. Instagram updates promotions every month.
For example, when you buy a day pass to the coworking space, you get a free coconut.
Every Wednesday, when you purchase a day pass, you get a free cup of coffee; every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a promotion - if you arrive before 10 am, you get a free day pass, etc. (follow updates on Instagram stories).
Subscription costs: 
1. Speed subscription 80k: high-quality Wi-Fi; 4 hours of work; free tea/coffee/water.
2. Full-day subscription 150k: high-quality Wi-Fi, 12 hours of work in one day; free tea/coffee/water.
3. Monthly subscription 650k: high-quality Wi-Fi, 25 hours of work in one day; free tea/coffee/water.
4. Monthly subscription 950k: high-quality Wi-Fi, 50 hours of work in one day; 1 drink from the bar; 4 hours of private room for calls; free tea/coffee/water
5. Monthly subscription 2.2m: high-quality Wi-Fi, unlimited 24/7 access; 3 drinks from the bar; 10 hours of private room for calls; personal locker with a key; virtual office account; free tea/coffee/water.
6. Personal office, cost - 10m per month.