Koa Boutique Spa

Type of place
At Koa Spa, they offer Balinese, Indian, and wellness massages. Prices are 180,000 rupiah for 60 minutes and 110,000 rupiah for 30 minutes.
The therapists here also offer chakra balance—massage for balancing physical and auric therapy, shiatsu—relaxing massage using pressure on specific points, twisting, and stretching, and Swedish deep tissue massage for treating the musculoskeletal system and relieving muscle tension. Prices for these massages are 220,000 rupiah for 60 minutes and 300,000 rupiah for 90 minutes.
The spa offers deluxe massages, which include stone massages and herbal compress massages. A 90-minute session costs 300,000 rupiah.
After the massage or separately, you can get a body scrub or a coconut milk body mask for exfoliation and rejuvenation. This addition costs 140,000 rupiah for 30 minutes.
A facial massage with natural ingredients containing active plant and essential oils for skin rejuvenation and radiance costs 230,000 rupiah for 60 minutes.
A rejuvenating facial treatment under LED light for 90 minutes costs 340,000 rupiah.
+62 8510343385 or via email at koashop@gmail.com.