Chantara Wellness & Spa

Type of place
Chantara Wellness & Spa is a stylish spa center with a vibrant design. Inside, there are four spacious rooms, a hand and foot salon, a retail boutique, and a cozy lounge area with tea. Visitors are treated to signature fragrant ginger tea brewed with tropical lemongrass.
Signature Deep Tissue Massage - 60 minutes 285,000 IDR / 90 minutes 350,000 IDR; Traditional Eastern Massage - 60 minutes 285,000 IDR / 90 minutes 350,000 IDR; Hot Stone Massage - 75 minutes 325,000 IDR; Stress Relief Back Massage - 30 minutes 165,000 IDR / 60 minutes 325,000 IDR.
The spa menu offers various scrubs, peels, wraps, and masks for the body and face. Citrus mint, tropical flowers, earthy clay, ginger, cocoa, and coffee are used for facial care treatments. Body scrubs are made from palm sugar and coconut, and oils from mango and cocoa with jasmine scent. Prices range from 325,000 IDR for 60-70 minutes to 750,000 IDR for 90 minutes.