Kebon Vintage Cars Museum

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Kebon Vintage Cars translates to "Garden of Vintage Cars," which is literally where Mr. Jos Dharmawan, the founder of Kebon, first began his collection of vintage cars.
What started as a love for collecting wooden toy cars in Mr. Jos's childhood soon turned into a passionate hobby when he finally afforded his first vintage car in 1996. Since then, he has been collecting unique antique and vintage cars in his personal garage to continue his childhood dream.
In 2019, Mr. Jos finally realized his long-awaited dream by opening a vintage car museum, hoping to share his passion for vintage cars and make Bali's tourist attractions more engaging and diverse.
Currently, Mr. Jos is an advisor to the Indonesian Antique Car Enthusiasts Association (PPMKI) in Bali and is committed to preserving vintage cars in beautiful condition, strengthening and uniting the community.
Kebon features over 100 vintage cars from around the world, ranging from pre-World War II cars to well-known brands such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, Pontiac, Morgan, Mercury, Plymouth, Hudson, Fiat, Mini Cooper, and many others.
Also on display are some historic cars in Indonesia, such as the 1948 Plymouth, which originally belonged to Indonesia's First Lady (Sukarno's wife) - Ibu Fatmawati.
The restoration team pays great attention to restoring and maintaining each vehicle to near-original specifications, and most of the cars are still in working condition. Visitors can rent them for their events.
Admission ticket for adults - 100,000 IDR
For children aged 6 and above - 50,000 IDR