Halfway Kuta Surf School

Operating hours: not specified
Type of place
The main spot for beginner lessons.
Very long with many peaks.
Sandy bottom, good foam, plenty of peaks, simple waves (but they can barrel in good swell). Almost all surf schools have their first few sessions in Kuta. Ideal tide is from 1 meter to 2 meters.
Quite a lot of locals, poorly surfing surfers, and just swimmers. Be careful not to hit anyone with your board! Be polite and attentive.
There is an inexpensive rental for 50,000 rupiahs for unlimited time.
You can leave your things with the renter. In good swell, Kuta can be very good. The most famous peak is Halfway opposite SurfDiscovery.
A good map of part of Kuta is available on the EndlessSummer school's website: http://www.surfbali.ru/school/surf-spot-bali.