Genah Melukad Sebatu

Open 24/7, no days off
Alternate title

Sebatu Holy Springs

Type of place
If you continue driving about 500-600 meters past the Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, the road will wind a bit, then you'll come to a roundabout with a monument in the center.
Turn left there and continue for another 100-200 meters. Park your car and walk further along the road, then go down the steps. There, you'll find very powerful and strong holy springs.
They perform a purification ritual there. You stand under the waterfall facing the rock and then with your back to the rock.
The water is cold, but not icy. There are no tourists, only Balinese people. It’s recommended to bring an offering - a small bundle to be placed at the waterfall. A square one should be placed at the altar slightly above the waterfall.
A sarong is mandatory for both men and women, and bring a change of clothes so you're not walking around in wet clothes. Men should be shirtless, and women can wear a tank top.