Empathy School (International, Ubud)

Type of place
The curriculum revolves around four main concepts:
The core of education is understanding oneself and others. Through social and emotional learning, teachers support children on their long life journey. When lessons are fun, children develop a lifelong love for learning.
Children spend a lot of time in nature, and in all lessons, teachers aim to unlock children's creative abilities.
Practical, project-based activities teach children more effectively and allow them to express their interests much better than workbooks.
The school offers social-emotional learning lessons.
Games are used to spark interest in reading and English.
The math curriculum is taken from the Common Core USA standards and adapted to a playful and natural environment.
Programs in arts, music, and drama are supported by the Boston Arts Academy, one of the schools founded by international consultants.
Educational Programs:
Early Years / Preschool Education (ages 2-5)
Entering early years/preschool education at ages 2 to 5 is an exciting milestone in a child’s life. At this age, children explore a wide range of classes that introduce them to the world.
The school uses Montessori education to support development.
Students learn through project-based and experiential classes, inspired by the Reggio Emilia and Waldorf Steiner systems.
Kindergarten (ages 5-6)
Lessons focus more on academics, using Montessori for math and partner schools in the USA for reading and writing.
Tuition Fees:
The school offers sibling discounts: 9% for the second child and 13% for each additional child.